A Generous Jewelry Line Donates a Plate of Food for Every Sale of Jewelry

A Generous Jewelry Line Donates a Plate of Food for Every Sale of Jewelry

Nashville Jewelry is a generous jewelry line that unselfishly donates a plate of food for every item sold. This was their signature mission since the business became a word of mouth. Food program is not their only humanitarian endeavor. They also have non-profit and neighbor-based programs which include Feeding America and NeighborImpact. At first, the company’s kind hearted owners simply desired to use their God-given talents to support their families. In the beginning, they marketed their beautiful jewelries by using a makeshift table with a handmade logo or design.

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One of their bestsellers is the unique and elegant Heather bridal necklace. The  generous jewelry line and its owner had been featured in leading magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Glamour.  Their major creations had been the center of attraction among the star  studded fashion shows and awarding ceremonies all over the world. From  then on, independent retailers had proudly carried the illustrious name of Nashville Jewelry.

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Since God has abundantly blessed Heather with so much in life, she humbly decided to share her blessings with the poorest of the poor. Primarily, she focused on the basic needs of low-income families. Last year, the generous jewelry line had launched a program that gladly donated a  plate of food. In December, she reached  out for some investors to sustain the growth of her Divine-inspired jewelry empire.

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God has miraculously sent His Son through this generous jewelry line. Indeed, Nashville Jewelry is a life changing economic booster.

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