The Artistic Elegance of Copper Jewelries

The Artistic Elegance of Copper Jewelries

Artistic elegance is the immortal byproduct of  excellent craftsmanship. This is the steering wheel behind VY Domingo Jewellers continuing success. In the years ahead, it is the next best thing that our world-renowned company can creatively invest in notwithstanding that our remarkable talents are dynamically put together to resonate two  noble missions in this  very competitive and rewarding industry. Have you ever seen or worn copper jewelries? If not, this interesting blog of ours will extensively get into its keen details. Read on and feed your mind.

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Copper is known as the oldest type of metal in the world. It was initially used almost 10,000 years ago. To know the best kind of copper, ancient Greeks had uniquely adopted an unusual technique of smelling it. Likewise, this type of precious metal was closely associated with the charm and mysteriousness of a Greek goddess.

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Similarly,  these beautiful and yet simple copper jewelries have been asserted as ornaments that can powerfully ward off evil forces to keep any wearer protected at all times. Moreover, pendants that  were exclusively made of copper had been significantly found to be in existence as early as 8700 BC. In fact, both Aztec and Incan wore these body and beauty enhancers during their toughest battles in those years. According to their traditional and intriguing belief systems these jewelries promote agility and improve a warrior’s tactical skills.



In selecting  the best copper materials for jewelry making, its early artisans preferred its warm glow characteristic. The logical reason behind this  principle was simply the earthly tone property of  this extremely lustrous metal. Best of all, this very common  material entails a soothing and cooling effect to the person who wore it. Meanwhile, its color exhibits a timeless perfection for accent creation when it is harmoniously conglomerated with gold  and silver respectively.

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Characteristically, copper is much softer than silver. It has a standard rating of 2.5-3 in Moh’s scale. Likewise, moisture and water cannot penetrate it. Based on its overall  wellness attribute copper jewelries possess unbelievable healing properties. It is literally affordable unlike gold, platinum and silver. Furthermore, copper has different colors for your ultimate satisfaction.



Over the years, your most cherished copper jewelries develop a green colored transformation to a blue patina  as it ages gracefully alongside with your enamored allure.

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Undeniably, history and man’s artistic wisdom create wonders just like VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated that embodies itself with flawlessness in  every jewelry piece that we fashion without reservations.

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