Birthstones: What Do these Treasures Symbolize?

Birthstones: What Do these Treasures Symbolize?

Birthstones are your gemstones, too. These represent a person’s birth date. Nowadays, colorful gemstones can be worn as jewelries’ ornaments. Based on the history of Western civilization, a blessed Josephus had believed that these 12 priceless stones are mysteriously connected between the 12 stones of the so-called Aaron’s breast plate.- These are the 12 months in a year and the Zodiac signs with the same number. Currently,  the modern gemstones had been standardized and it  took place in the year 1912, by Jewish Jewellers in Kansas.


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Birthstones and their Symbolic Meanings

Since the reckoning of time, birthstones  are closely associated with good luck alongside with your health and overall well-being. In addition to this, color had become the salient feature of a given gemstone. This interesting article will secretly reveal the various significance of these precious gemstones according to your birth month.

January- A Garnet keeps a traveler safe all the time

February- Takes an Amethyst as its very own gemstone. It is believed to provide strength in your relationships

March- An aquamarine birthstone ensues heart cure, together with your liver and stomach related problems. To try it. You just have  to submerge it in a glass of water and drink it afterwards

April- This particular birth month corresponds to a Diamond birthstone which is a symbol of everlasting love

June- People who were born in this month are closely associated with pearls which are symbolic signs of unceasing purity. Did you know that ancient Greeks had believed that these  birthstones were said to be as hardened tears of joy?

July- Those persons who were luckily born in July are ascribed to have Ruby as their birthstone. Ruby has the unrivaled distinction as the “King of Gems”. It serves as a powerful protection against the evil forces

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August- Peridot is the birthstone of individuals who were born on this month. Speaking of its significance, it is likewise a symbol of strength. This stone is green-colored and was believed to be found in volcanic ashes. A peridot is  alluded to as “The Evening Emerald”.

September- Sapphire is its birthstone. Significantly, it protects a wearer from the ill-effects of poisoning. In the same way, it denotes wisdom and purity in its strictest sense

October- Opal represents faithfulness and confidence. Its etymology came from the Greek word opalus which means “precious jewel”. Do you have a poor eyesight? Well,  to help you in our own little way, try wearing an opal necklace and experience some major improvements in this health problem of yours


November- Topaz birthstones rule the active lifestyle of those people who were born in the 11th month of the year. Topaz symbolizes love, affection, strength and an awesome intellect

December- Turquoise is the birthstone of those wonderful people who were born in the 12th and last month of the year and this  gemstone is genially referred to as a love charm

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