July 2017

Why Wearing Jewelries is More than a Fashion Fad?

Wearing jewelries have been regarded as fashion fads. But, these conventional allusions could be transformed with a much deeper meaning or significance. Let’s take silver jewelries as perfect examples. These are powerful agents for disinfecting things around you to prevent colds and flus. Silver made accessories deregulate heat when worn appropriately. Amazingly, these sparkling trinkets can effectively protect you from the harmful effects of  electromagnetic radiations from mobile devices. Photo Credit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/49/9f/f2/499ff25046842436299e302dcc0df7f5.jpg Gold jewelries inherently possess a different kind of warm energy that [...]

How to Clean Your Priceless Engagement Ring

A priceless engagement ring is like your heart and soul. So, it is indeed a great idea if you will discover the easiest techniques on how to clean your priceless engagement ring to maintain the bling and sparkle of your most endearing symbol of love. First and foremost, you must determine the kind of activities that you engage yourself in. For instance, you love to do those activities that require enormous physical stamina your ring should be cleaned by a [...]

How to Make a Fashionable Dichroic Glass Timepiece

There are lots of creative ways on how to beautifully transform your watch to provide with a different touch of class  and versatility. Today’s DIY jewelry blog will teach you how to craft a trendy dichroic glass timepiece  that will perfectly match any wardrobe and other jewelries that  you want to wear for any occasion. For this particular project, you are going to need the following materials. A small bottle of rubbing alcohol, dichroic glass, glass cutter, glass nipper, a [...]

Amazing Trivia about Your Most Cherished Engagement Ring

Your most cherished engagement ring makes itself even more stunning because of its interesting trivia that could surprise any wearer each day. Let us begin to discover its inherent  secrets. First, did you know that its most sought after cut is a round brilliant cut?  Simply, it is has lots of overall bling due to its impeccable craftsmanship which exudes a beyond compare brilliance through the years. Also, the tradition of wearing this type of accessory dates back in 1477 when [...]

How Gemstones Possess their Amazing Colors?

The gyrating colors of gemstones are too fascinating to look at when worn and perfectly complemented with your kind of wardrobe. Based on research findings, the said engaging attributes are due to the incredible ability of a gemstone to absorb light. It has diverse wavelengths; therefore, when it passes through any kind of light it will reflect a colorless characteristic. On the contrary, if gemstones have dynamically absorbed all the lights around it it will have a black reflection. Hence, if [...]

Silver Detection Tips: How Should You Do It?

Silver-made jewelries are more preferred by modern  fashionistas these days as compared to gold or platinum  crafted  trinkets. If you are a  certified silver aficionado, let this informative blog about silver detection tips teach  you on how to determine genuine silver accessories by doing these simple tests at the comforts  of your  own home. When purchasing, be sure to look for the stamp or hologram which reads as 92.5 or 99.99. If it does not bear a stamp; then, its authenticity [...]

Why Do Saudi Women Adore Gold Jewelries?

Saudi gold jewelries are being adorned by women because these mementoes  immortalize the sweetest significance of love in many endearing ways.  These expensive and enchanting accessories denote security and affection. Generally, the beyond compare qualities of these regal trinkets are extremely high in relation to their artistic craftsmanship filled with wisdom and creativity. For instance, when a child’s ears had been pierced for the first time  her loving parents  will gift her either gold or diamond earrings to proudly flaunt the [...]

Diamond Body Piercing: The Basic Fundamentals

Would you believe that sparkling and real diamonds can be used for  diamond body piercing fashion needs. Diamonds are categorized as trendy and chic that is why these are  chosen by popular Hollywood celebs to openly express themselves with oozing uniqueness. Among their sensational favorites are diamond barbells and diamond navel accessories. Look at this fascinating image below. Photo Credit: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51f4-VIRHlL.jpg Although the art of diamond body piercing is just a plain and simple fad in these modern times, the primary characteristics involved in choosing a [...]

Basic Tips on How to Buy Splendid Personalized Jewelries

Personalized jewelries signify something special about your revealing personality. So, you  must purchase these accessories based on the three tips on how to buy personalized jewelries.  First and foremost, the stunning accessories that you have in mind must possess the criteria of high quality. This component of any business venture pertains to the ability of  products or merchandise to stand  the wear and tear characteristic alongside with the test of time.  If you want to spend your hard earned money [...]

How to Craft Colorful Button Bracelets as Trendy Fashion Accessories

Beautiful and easy to make jewelries out of junk materials  turn your creativity into a more recognizable trait that is endlessly enhanced as years passed. Today’s blog is all about how to craft color button bracelets in just a few hours of exploration and a detailed execution of this exciting DIY project of fashion. For these bracelets,  we are going to use the following materials: 10-20 pieces of old buttons in different colors Pair of scissors Elastic cord  Photo Credit: http://images.coplusk.net/project_images/136937/image/Button_Bracelet_1.jpg To do this with ease, [...]

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