October 2017

Why are there Splendid Birthstones in Jewelries?

Birthstones in jewelries are exquisitely crafted  to signify one’s personality trait based on his or her zodiac signs. These shimmering  centerpieces play  pivotal roles to describe a wearer’s social stature and inner emotions. Likewise, these magnificent jewelry centerpieces resemble what these gems inherently symbolize according to purpose and etymology. Needless to brag about, these treasures of a lifetime are insignias of our behaviors and inner beliefs. Whether these are real or just superstitions, what matters is these fascinating works of [...]

Teeth Bracelet: How Do You Make this Eco-Friendly Work of Art?

An eco-friendly fashion statement like teeth bracelet suddenly caught my attention due to its simplicity in design and craftsmanship. If you want to try this exciting DIY project, ask your dentist to save some teeth for your one-of-a-kind work of art. In making this accessory, you need to secure these easy to find materials: Drill 00.39 drill bit Elastic cord Plastic and hygienic teeth Photo Credit: http://www.instructables.com/id/Bracelet-made-of-teeth/ Preferably, a single cord teeth bracelet necessitates around 25-30 teeth. However, if you choose a much bigger bracelet just double up the [...]

Different Types of Stylish Bracelets and their Color-Coded Significance

Trendy and chic stylish bracelets denote beauty, elegance and convenience for every fashionista who can never survive  without these bewitching accessories.  These have different variations of shapes, sizes and styles. One of the most sanctifying bracelets is no other than but salvation bracelets. Characterized as lovely jewelry pieces which dearly represent something about Christianity. As far as its features are concerned, these have beads in various colors such as gold, black, red and purple. For instance, black bracelets for Christian faith [...]

What is a Tiara?

Famous queens like Queen Elizabeth loves to wear a tiara to denote absolute power, beauty and royalty. But, many of us did not really know what is and how to use this very enigmatic work of art.  This is a bejewelled crown worn by a woman during formal occasions. Etymologically, this word got its origin from Persian culture. In Persia, it had been alluded to as high-peaked headdresses of her domineering  rulers. To add some grandeur, real diadems are integrated on [...]

Head Jewelries Elegant Accessories for a Stunning Crowning Glory

Our beautiful and captivating crowning glory can be dramatically transformed into something that you have not seen before by adding some mesmerizing head jewelries. Commonly, tiaras and crowns are the most in demand accessories for  themodern women of today. Over the years, these have become a trending fashion if there are some fashionistas who want to arduously adopt the Bohemian look. Photo Credit: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/51/b4/6b/51b46b1710567a50745b8f22f3add327.jpg Your altar date will be even more unique and stylish, if these head jewelries will graciously complement your chosen wedding gown. Flower-designed [...]

Diamonds are Forever? What is Really the Truth?

Diamonds are forever? Is there any truth to this intriguing question? In the year 1937, De Beers coined this unusual statement because diamonds are the wisest options as designs for those bewitching engagement rings. Likewise, these elegant gemstones are scarce in some well-known mining areas. Over the years, a diamond can now be produced in a laboratory. Indeed, technological innovations have gone a long, long way to make these priceless treasures more competitive and visible in global markets. Photo Credit: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-WLbVQZS1SQg/TnR_2SHtcPI/AAAAAAAAdAA/xb1K__6ORo0/s1600/diamond+necklaces+-3.jpg Today, the [...]

Thumb Rings: What do they Signify besides Captivating Fashion Statements?s

Different types of rings have unique symbolisms besides creating elegant fashion statements like thumb rings. The ancient tradition of wearing these intriguing jewelries dates back during the early years of mummies’ discovery and existence, when a beautiful  Egyptian mummy wore this kind of trinket for some reason. Primarily, these were proven effective in warding of evil spirits that surrounded a given community or classes. For widowed women, a ring on a thumb denoted the preservation of their husbands loving memories. https://img1.etsystatic.com/047/0/9778880/il_570xN.695773861_ba3h.jpg The Medieval [...]

The Unknown Facts about Pearls

Pearls are elegant gems which are worn with pride by most women across the globe, because these give them a lasting impression  of dignity and nobility. These are incredibly produced by oysters which possess bivalve shells that open to make oysters eat. A pearl is formed when an irritant enters the shell and it is not able to expel it, a mysterious nacre is formed and  these shiny and white gemstones begin to form themselves.Photo Credit: http://pearl.org.in/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Pearl-oyster-pearl.org_.in_.jpg In categorizing these beauteous pearls, we [...]

Magnetic Earrings for Men: The Electrifying Fashion of Today’s Generation

Men are also fashionable like women. In today’s  modern world, the splendidness of magnetic earrings. These are proudly worn by Hollywood celebrities who constantly want to be in style all year round. Most of them belong to these industries such as film and sports. Ear piercing in men is not a latest fad. This has been a tradition since time immemorial. Also, if you are afraid of piercing these types of earring are highly recommended. Characteristically, these eye-catching accessories are crafted [...]

Why Do Jewelries Fascinate my Kind of Fashion?

My jewelries are one of my rare collections when I was about 20 years old. Most of them were rings, bracelets and necklaces. These splendid accessories make me feel rich whenever I wore them. Likewise, these ravishing trinkets boost my self-confidence despite of  my disability.  For instance, rings symbolize my personality as a workaholic babe, due to its circular shape. Moreover, these cherished possessions of mine  have been used as my personal protection against bad omen and negative vibes. Photo Credit: http://nationtrendz.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/double-ring-collection-for-girls-141.jpg Jewelries are stress [...]

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