December 2017

A Nostalgic Glimpse of Tribal Jewelries

Over the years, we all know that jewelries are worn to remarkably define beauty and reflect the social status of early people. This is why tribal jewelries became more popular because these were simply crafted from indigenous materials such as the heads of animals and even their sacred bones. Sometimes, the rare tribal accessories were exclusively made from shells, wood and ivory stones. Photo Credit: Unique and eye-catching tribal jewelries were in the same way made of eggshells. The trinkets were fashioned using sturdy strings, [...]

What is a 92.5 Silver Jewelry? Get to Know its Gleaming Facts of Immortal Beauty

Jewelry stores will never be complete without a sample of a gleaming and non-tarnishing 92.5 silver jewelry. But, most of us do not have any idea as to why it has been referred to as such. As far as making it durable is concerned, copper is being added. This is used to strengthen the components of this precious accessory. Photo Credit: Whenever a salesperson tells you that their store has a new and trendy 92.5 sterling jewelry always remember that this is comprised of 92.5 [...]

Easy Does It Polishing Tips for Platinum Jewelries

Platinum-made accessories are known as “Little Silver” Some of its prominent characteristics are as follows: High density, malleability, ductility and resistance to corrosion. Did you know that platinum can strongly resist their wear and tear capabilities like tarnishing most especially if these time-tested polishing tips for platinum jewelries will be followed to the letter. In cleaning a platinum-crafted trinket, use a file and do the process in diagonal movements. Photo Credit: Afterwards, file these once more in a perpendicular direction. Once the filing [...]

The Magnificence and Mystic of a Citrine Artisan Jewelry

Jewelries represent lots of mystic connotations through the years. Just like a genuine citrine artisan jewelry Did you know that this ostentatious accessory has a price tag of Php 10,000? As an overview, it is commonly dubbed by the Chinese as a gemstone of awesome imagination and manifestation for some reason because it unbelievably possesses the inherent power of  the sun. If somebody wears it, he or she will feel even more comfortable and a person’s persona will be filled with [...]

Unique Tips on How to Make a Trendy Bracelet

Christmas is just a few weeks away. So, shoppers from across the globe are thinking about the best and yet affordable gift ideas like an artistic and trendy bracelet. You do not need expensive materials to make your latest and versatile accessory. Prepare the following: Tape String or rope or cord, this tutorial is using cord 2 Jump rings Hook closure 2 cord caps Glue Pliers   Photo Credit: Below, are the easy to do procedures for your eco-friendly and trendy bracelet. Gently cut the cord into two and secure both  ends with [...]

Real Gold? Easy Steps on how to Detect its Authenticity

Jewelry lovers regardless of age and gender, are so fascinated with real gold accessories because of their distinct gleam and uniqueness which add passion and flare to a particular wearer. However, a buyer has to be meticulous in order save a lot of money and make those newly bought items as valuable investment.  So, here are the easy steps on how to accurately identify authentic gold components from dubious ones. Photo Credit: Generally,  real gold is undoubtedly much heavier than the reelcraft. Second, do not [...]

November 2017

Why are Monogram Jewelry Gift Ideas the Best Choices this Christmas?

Christmas gifts are too countless. We always wanted to choose those timeless and precious ones like monogram gift ideas.  The said regal accessories are all-year round kringles that you can unselfishly give to a special person in your life. Some wear a set of monogram jewelries during their altar date. Monogram rings or necklaces possess intricate artistry and craftsmanship like no other. Therefore, many people allude them as sentimental treasures. Photo Credit: Monogram gift ideas are relatively easy to find in terms [...]

Fabric Jewelry Bracelets: How they are Made Fabulous without Spending a Fortune

Fashion jewelries have become even trendier as time passed. Today, the uniqueness of fabric jewelry bracelets.  From the name itself,  these splendid accessories are made from any type of fabric that you have chosen based on personal preferences and styles. Take a look at this dainty DIY project that you might want to try to change your kind of fashion even for just a day. Photo Credit:] Some of the easy to find materials for your eye-catching fabric jewelry bracelets are the following: Wooden curtain [...]

Why are Jewelries Glamorous and Priceless through the Years?

We constantly adore and love jewelries. But, all of us are still clueless about its intriguing and fashionable trends and evolutions. So, here’s what you ought to know about your most profitable investments and treasures. Etymologically, the carefully thought of jargon came from the word jouel until these had become jewelry due to the strong influence of the Americans. Needless to say, the fashionable accessories were ascribed as effective antidotes to cast out evil spirits. Photo Credit: Egyptian anklet jewelries became famous because of their [...]

Jewelry Appraisals: What You Ought to Know

There are moments that you will badly  need jewelry appraisals when you least expect it. But, most of us do not know anything about these and their entire processes in general. These are  simple documents that present verified facts about the high valued accessories that you need to pawn when emergency arises. These assign particular values to  jewelries  pertaining to the whole structures of your most cherished possessions. Photo Credit: How essential are jewelry appraisals? Based on the thoughts of famous and reputable jewellers [...]

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