November 2017

The Phenomenal Elegance of Butterfly Jewelries

The different and captivating jewelry designs are timeless  expressions of artistry, creativity and elegance. Cute and stylish butterfly jewelries are now making  waves in the fascinating world of glamorous  jewelries because these lovely creatures represent beauty and happiness while these  also emanate life and movement to various artistic creations. Likewise, butterflies are unselfishly offering unconditional comfort to creative and soul-searching souls. Photo Credit: These riveting butterfly jewelries have proudly stood the test of time through the years. Butterfly-themed depictions had been in existence since the ancient [...]

The Concealed Fashion Secrets of Signet Rings

The gleaming and capricious fashion world was once smitten by those unique kinds of jewelries   known as  signet rings These  magnificent and regal rings had been worn by Prince Charles. These feature  three-feathered emblems.  Some prominent figures in global history had a customized ring  of the same kind with a coat of arms. Photo Credit:–male-rings-engraved-rings.jpg During the ancient times, signet rings were widely known as the “Gentleman’s Rings”. Today, these timeless accessories represent the importance of classic treasures. According to a renowned jeweller, “My feeling is [...]

Why are Gemstones Essential in Splendid Jewelry Collections?

Jewelries are beautifully complemented with authentic and sparkling gemstones. But, have we ever wondered why regal jewelry settings are not so  attractive without them? According to ancient history, these fantastic ornaments are meant to convey a special moment in our lives. To expound, a gemstone vividly traces your humble beginnings as a person and who you are now. Photo Credit: Gemstones and their interesting evolution denote the out of style persona of a wearer as  well as the staying power of a gleaming jewelry [...]

Christmas Tree Pendant Necklace: Your Ideal Yule Gift for a Shoestring Budget

Christmas  Season is just around the corner and gift giving ideas are extremely many to mention. But, there are beautiful and versatile presents which are relatively cheaper than those signature items which are easily accessible through reputable online stores. Our latest blog will teach you how to make a Christmas Tree pendant necklace. For this particular project, you are going to buy the following materials. Photo Credit:×350.jpg?1462288354 Materials for Christmas Tree Pendant Necklace 6MM Light Green Faceted Bicone Glass Beads Golden Jump Rings 10MM Faceted Round Glass Beads Golden [...]

Historical Origin of Buddhist Jewelries

The amazing wonders of Buddhist jewelries made their way to fame due their mysterious attributions of possessing a series of Noble Truths which are comprised of  several virtues that would greatly develop and enhance our personal interactions with other people. What are these fruitful and soul enriching truths?  Read on. The knowledge that suffering exists – life in this existence is full of suffering The reason for suffering – suffering is caused by ignorance arising from lack of self-awareness and lack of a [...]

Color Combinations of Gemstones: How Essential are they in a Glamorous Fashion World?

Magnificent gemstones are fantastic fashion statements if their color combinations are vivid, lovely and expressive.  Color combination of gemstones like emeralds and rubies are timeless  objects of admiration due to their impeccable hues and remarkable inclusions.  Sapphires have artistic asymmetrical cuts and its colors are really captivating to look at. Combinations of colored gems have after effects on our emotions and moods according to notable jewellers. Photo Credit:–color-combinations-victorian.jpg Likewise, the color combination of gemstones could influence your health every single day. Therefore, the perfection and [...]

The Naked Truths about White Gold Jewelries

Authentic jewelries have many variations to represent their regal splendidness inside and out. White gold jewelries are unadulterated mixtures of white gold and other precious metals, to transform its quality of hardness to a beyond compare work of art. Some of its well-know metallic add ons are the following: Palladium, silver, nickel, zinc and copper. More so, the whiteness of an alloy solely depends on different proportions on which they are added.  Thus, these procedures provide a much whiter appearance and [...]

Why do Diamonds Sparkle in all Radiance?

The enigmatic science of diamonds has interestingly revealed that their sparkling radiance are primarily caused by different light properties and those magnificent cuts which are indeed striking from a distance. Most importantly, an authentic diamond is made up of carbon which provides an absolutely high refractive property than a glass. Its high rate is mainly responsible adds a considerable amount of light which bounces back to  the eyes of a spectator or beholder. Photo Credit:–weddingideas-one-day.jpg Furthermore, the process of TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION of diamonds and  [...]

Alternative Engagement Rings: What’s Up in a Trendsetting Fashion World?

Engagement rings despite of their remarkable splendidness, have unique alternatives most specially for trendy millennials. They are letting go of those traditional engagement trinkets with diamond settings. Nowadays alternative engagement rings are  comprised of blue turquoise, pink quartz and yellow beryls. Thus, the unique ideas of wearing rings with semi-precious stones are stunning examples of beauty and elegance. Swarovski crystals are some of the best choices to flaunt each day.   Photo Credit: The magnificence of Bulgari Platinum with Emerald casts in yellow gold [...]

Wearable Tech: Your Innovative Kind of Fashion

Fashion fads and styles have been creatively combined together to come up with remarkable jewelries which are simply dubbed as wearable tech. If you think that these useful trinkets are byproducts of  our modern genre, the simple answer is NO. Previously, these were referred to as tools during the 1960’s circa. Some of the famous ones were video cameras and wearable computers and medical devices. These fascinating and highly-revolutionized technologies paved the way for the dynamic integration of Bluetooth in mobile [...]

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