January 2016

Silver Moose Arts Jewelries: Its Versatility Goes Beyond Time

Jewelries have always touched our hearts and dramatically transformed our  unique personalities into one fascinating work of art. Silver Moose Arts Jewelries  are known as the  most popular kinds of jewelries of today’s modern generation. There awesome classifications range from everyday wear, to exude one’s elegance and remarkably introduce the magical  wonders of  jewelries all these years. Designs wise, these are quite whimsical if we are to impeccably describe them based on its overall presentation and projection. Photo Credit:jewellerymonthly.com Due to its [...]

Different Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Jewelry Sales Online

The  competitive business  sphere of jewelry making has lots of different marketing strategies in order to become a bigwig in this artistic and shimmering industry. We, at VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated continues to pass the torch of success to those neophyte entrepreneurs worldwide to  build a much stronger network of nobility and camaraderie among ourselves for the total satisfaction and betterment of our loyal customers and clients the world over. Photo Creditnewstreetstyles.com Different Marketing Strategies for Your Online Jewelry Business If every entrepreneur out [...]

The Perfect and Elegant Chemistry of Jewelry and Hair Color

Beauty is more expressive and meaningful if it is perfectly matched with your awesome jewelry and hair color. Although these do not click together, fashion experts have unleashed their creativity to make the best of both worlds in the glaring industry of fashion. Accordingly, these beauty enhancers have equally shared the special areas or contours of one’s face. Far and beyond, the core of it all is the fact that they must jive together for you to become a phenomenal [...]

A Colorful Rendezvous with Jewelry History

Our interesting website wants to share with you the colorful jewelry history in the simplest way possible. By definition, a jewelry is a universal form of physical adornment. During the ancient times, most jewelry pieces were made from shells and bones that have remarkably survived the test of time since time immemorial. Purposely, these were worn by people to ward off evil or danger. Over  the years, the creative inlays of metals as one of its primary components in jewelry making [...]

Essential Tips in Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelries are wise investments that provide us with a temporary financial security when we need it the most. These might not be realized by some of us; but, its indeed true that these trinkets should be well-taken care of by applying these essential tips in jewelry cleaning. Primarily, you can make use of these easy to find homemade remedies that you will truly appreciate for a lifetime. For example, an antacid can make your jewelries to shimmer like those stars at [...]

The Blue Zircon Gemstones: Amazing Facts You Should Know

Precious gemstones have more to say in relation to what these ornaments can magically do for you, insofar as your overall well-being is concerned. Have you ever heard of  Blue Zircon Gemstones? These are types of minerals that belong to nesosilicates. Meanwhile, its main structure is characterized as a tetragonal crystal system. Generally, the color of  a zircon has different variations like colorless, yellow-golden, red, brown, blue, and green. Samples in the colorless category are dubbed as popular substitutes for a specific [...]

Top 6 Jewelry Trends of 2016: Transform Yourself in a Goddess of Beauty

2016 is yet another year of mystery, fun and adventure that we all have to welcome  with a bang and should be coupled with a right attitude to make us the best of  who we are. Given this new dawn of a more fashionable you, do not forget to check on your credit limit spend as much as you can if you desire to be a Venus-like beauty all-year round. But, prior to your spending galore why don’t you [...]

Trendsetting Secrets behind the Fashion Jewelry Phenomenon

The glamorous world of fashion industry will never be complete without the fashion jewelry phenomenon.  This has taken the world in center stage with the sudden proliferation of catwalk designers as well as a world renowned jewelry firm like VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated.  First and foremost, it is a mere influence of a passionate sense of   label adulation like Gucci and Armani in the field of elegant wardrobes which really cost lots of fortune. In like manner, some of their [...]

Cubic Zirconia Stones: The Exquisite Reality behind its Glittering Persona

Exquisiteness is a lasting expression of how a certain thing is crafted in utmost perfection. This involves the entirety of a beautiful craftsmanship just like the quality jewelry pieces of VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated. Thus, this particular component is more enhanced with the intricate addition of those precious cubic zirconia stones. Briefly, these are the cubic crystalline form of the so-called zirconium dioxide. Characteristically, this is extremely hard,  flawless in your naked eye and is colorless inside and out. Exquisite zirconia stones [...]

How to Start a Customized Jewelry Business

Every noble business endeavor entails a unique and yet creative idea to succeed. This simple thrust has propelled VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated to start with their customized jewelry business for more than 30 years now.  Over and above anything else, it is a basic fundamental  to know and realize that this kind of profitable entrepreneurship could start from those plain and simple silver jewelry pieces to huge class rings with world class qualities. These customized jewelries will definitely make your customized jewelry [...]

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