The Blue Zircon Gemstones: Amazing Facts You Should Know

The Blue Zircon Gemstones: Amazing Facts You Should Know

Precious gemstones have more to say in relation to what these ornaments can magically do for you, insofar as your overall well-being is concerned. Have you ever heard of  Blue Zircon Gemstones? These are types of minerals that belong to nesosilicates. Meanwhile, its main structure is characterized as a tetragonal crystal system. Generally, the color of  a zircon has different variations like colorless, yellow-golden, red, brown, blue, and green.

Samples in the colorless category are dubbed as popular substitutes for a specific kind of diamond which is widely- recognized as the Matura Diamond. Going back, blue-colored zircons are collectively known as Blue Zircon.1088_bluezircon



The name blue zircon was derived from a Persian zargun which means golden-colored. Thus, it was rooted out as an English name from a German nomenclature that is being referred to as zirkon.

Commonly, this kind of mineral comes from the family of igneous rocks, which are very rare to find. Similarly, their average size ranges from  0.1–0.3mm, However, these can still grow differently due to some reason.

Blue Zircon Gemstones in Jewelry Making

Uniquely, these beautiful Blue Zircon Gemstones are mainly used in the ever growing industry of jewelry making. These have furious images like a lion,  but their beauty and elegance remain to be electrifying all these years. According to  Patricia Brady at Gemsncoins,

“Wholesale Blue Zircons are rare due to the growth of the crystal, which grows in a twinning shape. Rather like two pyramids linked together at the base. In order to cut these beautiful shapes, the rough gems have to be a fine quality. These Cambodian Blue Zircons have the trademark double refractiveness of zircons, which is even seen on the product images we offer. Double refraction is when the light enters through the pavilion, hits the facets and splits into two rays. Then these rays of light bounce back hitting your eyes with double the sparkle of other gemstones, even diamonds. That’s the secret of these Blue Zircons. Their extra sparkle making them look like blue diamonds at a fraction of the cost, as a much more rarer gemstone than diamonds”


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The 4C’s 

These remarkable and sophisticated Blue Zircon Gemstones humbly represent themselves with the 4C’s of gemstones. These are color, clarity, carat and cut. The carat weights of these gemstones will largely determine the overall pricing of your eye-catching jewelry pieces from VY Domingo Jewllers Incorporated. To explain, the larger the zirconia stone, the more valuable it’s going to be.

When we speak of clarity, Blue Zircon Gemstones are clean in its strictest sense. But, these brilliant stones will surely test your perseverance. If you will not care for your jewelries with these types of  ornaments, the class and  inherent quality of your jewelry will gravely affect its quality. These include those impurities that are brought about by your tactlessness in handling your priceless possessions.



Speaking of their cut, these have shallow ones because of their unusual formation and color intensifying factors.

Blue Zircon Gemstones rarity signify its gyrating charisma that remains to be a facet of sophistication that gratifyingly defines yourself as a fashion icon in your own right.


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