Brown Diamonds: Newest Gemstones beyond Sophistication

Brown Diamonds: Newest Gemstones beyond Sophistication

Brown diamonds are also known as “chocolate diamonds”. This was coined by a famous author, Jezebel. Despite of this extraordinary allusion, it is now one of the most popular gemstones in the world today. These kinds are mostly utilized for industrial purposes and are produced somewhere in Australia’s Argyle.  Brown-colored diamonds were interestingly discovered in the 1980’s. As a result, these were re-positioned as cognac for some reason that finally gave them the tag as the highest quality of diamonds.



Brown diamonds have been literally  pushed into competitive markets because of this very compelling necessity. According to Boyce,

“They have the same make-up as white diamonds – bar the impurities – so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be coveted in the same way.” Despite their industrial association, she points out that “there is still a vast difference between the brown diamonds used in industry and gem-quality stones”. While white diamonds are prized for their lack of colour, a patchwork of differently-hued brown stones is quite mesmerising. “The many different colours of brown diamond allow you to create a cinnamon-toned blanket without the colour being too uniform.”


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To  describe, these are warm and rich types of diamond most especially if these are tenderly wrapped in gold. Thus, it is not just an ordinary gold but the rose genre. Among the patrons of the trendsetting brown diamonds are the following: Pomellato’s chunky, glamorous Tango chains to the architectural new Geometria collection by Sicilian jeweller Maurizio Pintaldi.r3940-round-diamond-ring-b


Why are these diamonds too bankable? Their shimmering brilliance captivates the hearts of millions worldwide. Best of all, these diamonds are not too dangerous when worn everyday. Ultimately, they offer a major difference without reservations.


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Indeed, brown diamonds are the newest best friends of fabulous gemstones collectors who are deeply in love with them till the end of time. Pretty certain that we at VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated will find ways to provide you with such kinds of gemstones a more splendid jewelry.





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