California’s Finest Gemstones Astound Fashion World

California’s Finest Gemstones Astound Fashion World

California is not only known for its luscious grapes. Did you know  that it has  also captivated the glittering world of fashion with the world’s finest gemstones?  These gemstones are characterized according to these criteria: Hardness, lustre and rarity to name a few. The Westerners have divided these treasures into two categories. These are the following: Precious and semi-precious gemstones. Mysteriously, water has been impeccably integrated  with the timeless  lustre of gems for thousands of years.



Benitoite is one of the finest gemstones around the world most particularly in Dallas. The Benitoite Gem Mine in San Benito County, California, offers the chance to find this gem. You are charged as low as $70 to have a glimpse of these treasures.  However,  not all of these are used in jewelry designing.  For instance, a splendid agate gemstone is commonly used as an ornament for various mythical figures in global history.


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An agate gemstone is a mineral from the composite of  Quartz family. There are different types of agate. These are: Blue Lace Agate, Crazy Lace Agate and the Fire Agate among others. As far as its different uses are concerned, it is believed  that if you have this it helps you promote inner stability, peace and maturity. Likewise, this multi-colored gemstone boosts one’s self-confidence and it is utilized  by pregnant women to assist them in their delivery woes.


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In San Diego, there are numerous and finest gemstones. Among these  treasures are: Quartz and even gold.  The territory’s clear and clean streams has gold debris. All you have to do is plan everything ahead of time. Think about the kind of equipment that you will use prior to your much awaited geographical exploration. San Diego allows  you to have all the time in the world to :

  • Earnestly search for different kinds of agate in deserts
  • In Action, Los Angeles, you are going to bewitched by Amethysts
  • Beryls in the Northern mountains of San Diego
  • Diamonds in Volcano, Amador County, at the junction of south fork of Yuba River. Would you believe? There are almost 500 diamonds in the serene foothills of Sierra




Most importantly, if you are into this kind of passion do not forget to contact the Bureau of Land Management and ask for their much needed permission to make your hunting experience legal. Once everything is finalized, you will need the following tools: Pick axe, rock hammer, gloves, safety glasses, bucket, layered clothing, water, hat and sunscreen.


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San Diego’s finest gemstones proudly exude the magnificence of history and culture and have perfectly intertwined them with a powerful message that fashion sets no limitations because this is an artistic gift that brings about God’s abundant resources and man altogether to foster a unique kind of creativity of till the end of time.

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