Cancer Survivor Converts Medicines into Fashion Jewelries

Cancer Survivor Converts Medicines into Fashion Jewelries

A cancer survivor does  not forget about the primary importance of fashion by converting medications into unique fashion jewelries. Susan Braig is a 61-year old Altadana victim of Big C has creatively mounted her pills on her customized jewelries to create unique pendants, necklaces, earrings and tiaras that she sells. The extraordinary idea was vividly inspired by her magnificent works of art after the tenacious woman had been diagnosed of breast cancer. In a news report, she candidly revealed

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I bought my first round of medicine and it cost $500 out of my own pocket,” she said. “I looked at the drugstore receipt and then at the little pills and wondered if they were precious gems.”It turned out they were precious in more ways than one.

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After seven years of treatment, God performed the greatest miracle  on her life when she was declared cancer free.  She is using expensive unused cancer-fighting pills in jewelry that she sells to defray unpaid treatment costs. During her ordeal with cancer, Braig further revealed


“I’m deeply in debt because I was underinsured,” she said. Her private health insurance did not kick in until she had paid a yearly $1,000 deductible and $2,500 in co-pays, and it did not cover the cost of outpatient care, which is what most of the lengthy treatment was.unisomgelearrings


Pill Jewelry: How it Came to Be?

Pill jewelry, also known as fashion jewelries with pills became the fount of inspiration of this downtrodden victim of Big C  in 2007 ,when she participated in an exhibition with a medical theme which was organized by NewTown Pasadena Foundation. At that time, she was designated as a  grant writer for arts organizations and as a painter and artist specializing in satirical pieces.

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Likewise, her incredible God-given talent was given the opportunity to shine when Braig was asked to create  a mock Tiffany & Co. jewelry advertisement for the exhibition. Due to her keen foresight, she was able to envision a tremendous ad that beautifully depicts the different medications for  cancer to replace expensive diamonds, emeralds and rubies to name a few. Significantly, these exceptional pill jewelries were ascribed as



“It was a clean tie-in between her personal life, her professional life and socio-political life, a kind of convergence that is rare,” This was the observation of Richard Amromin, a curator and composer of NewTown Pasadena”.

Aside from these stunning fashion jewelries, there are also mosaics with hospital themes,  syringe-made artworks and a huge sculpture that was made from the innovative  latex operating-room gloves. Braig’s ingenuity has made it possible to launch her own line of these fabulous trinkets which was dubbed as the Designer Drug Jewelry.

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Her unexpected success in designing these fashion jewelries  from expired cancer pills had prompted her friends to donate their medications to help her in sustaining her elegant jewelry designs. Will VY Domingo adopt her immeasurable wit and catchy fashion sense? Let us all wait and see.


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