Cat Jewelries: How do they Inspire the World of Modern Fashion?

Cat Jewelries: How do they Inspire the World of Modern Fashion?

The famed Cartier panther has engrossingly revived those fashionable “big cat jewels” which dramatically resulted to the mass production of $3.2 million dog collars in years. From then on, there are numerous cat jewelries in the market such as those stylish faux pearl cat collars, amazing handmade jewelries with appealing pendants and so much more. How do these trinkets inspire the modern fashion world together with a historic influence of Ancient Egypt?104c82fea476d180c357b34142affcc7.600x


This unusual admiration for cats by the Egyptians had paved a way to  use these cute and adorable animals for the ancient jewelries of  Egypt. Through the years, the bronze statue of a cat headed goddess whose name is Bastet is  found at a British Museum in the latter parts of the sixth century.

Accordingly, Bastet literally means to “she of the ointment jar,” the museum catalog tells us, reflecting her soothing and peaceful nature.



Who is Bastet?

Based on the ancient profile  cat jewelries had all began, when  Bastet  became  the protective aspect of the feline goddess. Perhaps,  it was accompanied by the belief that a cat takes good care of its kittens. In her honor, a jovial celebration of the most intriguing commemoration for cats was held during the entire span of  four centuries BC. There was a procession by boats and people were momentously giving honor and homage to the most phenomenal cat figure in global history.


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As the boats were fast approaching,  hundreds of thousands had sung and danced along the banks. The main festivity itself  was held at the  sanctified and glorious temple of Bastet. Through the years,  the cats  were highly revered  in paintings and precious gems of all time. Among  the  hottest selling cat jewelries were cat jade pendants and  a carved relief  during the reign of Qing  Dynasty.



Cat jewelries are symbols  of long life and the same wish goes towards  another person.  On the other hand, Japan has  assigned  another mystifying attribution to this cutest animal on the planet.


In these modern times, beautiful cat jewelries are sophisticatedly  made into awesome and electrifying lockets on a sapphire and diamond rosary bead necklace sold at Bonhams, Oxford sometime in 2013.  Take a look at the image below.


Cat jewelries had gone the  long and winding road of depicting a strange but revealing persona due to their  immeasurable love for a unique kind of artistry that played a vital role in the remarkable world of animal fashion that we all  love and brag about forever.

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