January 2018

Silver and its Different Variations: How do these Change our Glamorous Fashion Styles?

Silver and its different variations are constantly available in modern global markets. These unique types of silver have alloy mixtures and sterling jewelries should be stamped with remarkable markings such as .999 or fine silver, 92.5, Argentium  silver and coin silver respectively. Let us briefly describe each one of them in a rundown. Fine silver is the closest metal to a pure element of the same kind. Photo Credit: Characteristically, this is not literally SCRATCH-RESISTANT. Moreover, it is described as something [...]

Thumb Rings: The Mind Boggling Significance

The immortal significance of thumb rings were originally worn by ancient archers to protect their thumb from getting hurt because of bow strings. These unique rings were made from leather, but the material was replaced by various metals to make these accessories more durable. During the 15th century, these types of rings had been closely associated with an individual’s chosen career. However, their respective values had increased as time passed by. Some of these were according to both social and [...]

The Immortal Fashion Grandiosity of Trilogy Rings

Fashionable rings of any kind are my fetishes. These eye-catching accessories make my day. Little did I know, that there are trilogy rings which I could proudly add to my timeless and precious jewelry collections. Splendid rings with three-stone designs openly express and declare that your special lady is YOUR EVERYTHING.- YOUR PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. Over the years, their conceptual design frameworks have tremendously evolved to artistically maintain the jewelry’s aesthetic values. Photo Credit: Ideally, trilogy rings are magnificently studded with three shimmering diamonds, [...]

The Unforgettable Fashion Elegance of Semi-Precious Stones

The essence of practicality alongside with an indescribable fashion statement is one of the engendering characterizations of semi-precious stones. These lovely and dazzling jewelry centerpieces were commonly used for decorative purposes and as effective lucky charms. Some of them have been widely recognized for their medicinal properties. Photo Credit:×713.jpg Semi-precious stones are also known for their distinctive elegance, beauty and mystery. Generally, these incredible treasures came from organic materials like rocks as well as plants and animals. What is an interesting naked truth about [...]

Jewelry Fashion and Trend Forecasting in Focus

In an ever changing business world like the jewelry industry, jewelry fashion and trend forecasting are the processes of carefully analyzing trends by accurate colour predictions and styles which could be integral parts of  the most grandiose and impressive jewelry collections. This kind of business strategy needs the assistance of a well-rounded trend forecaster who will be tasked to work patiently on all jewelry categories and its fabulous types. Photo Credit: All types of jewelries benefit from these  time-tested methods of jewelry fashion and [...]

The Romantic Mystique of a Claddagh Ring

Have you ever seen a ring which romantically symbolizes all types of human emotions? Love, friendship, fidelity, and everlasting affection? The romantic mystique of a Claddagh ring is more than just a fashion statement. It’s heart design represents everlasting love. Furthermore, the ring’s two-hand design denotes friendship and the enigmatic crown resembles loyalty between couples and best friends. In essence, this bewitching work of art is characterized by the paramount importance of trust and bonding which have to be eternally shared [...]

The Ravishing Exquisiteness of Gothic Dark Crystal Jewelries

  Gothic styles of fashion are denoted by various significance. Gothic dark crystal jewelries are characterized by the interesting qualities of introspection, romanticism and occultism. Over the years, these attributions have drastically changed. During the 18th century, the splendid jewelries were mainly inspired by the art and literary movement. As a result,  horror and romance had been beautifully merged to create an innovative kind of fashion. To date, bats, skulls and colorful roses design concepts proliferated. Photo Credit:–gothic-accessories-gothic-jewelry.jpg Moreover, filigreed Gothic dark crystal jewelries are some [...]

Priceless and Immortal Rings: The Fashionable and Immortal Symbols of Love and Fidelity

Priceless and immortal rings are described as precious metals  crafted from different materials, either gold or silver and beautifully worn around a finger or toe. These adorable jewelries symbolized authority, social status and fidelity. Each bewitching ornament is consists of various parts such as hoops, shoulders and bezels. Some have circular, square and any other shape that you really desire. Historically, the earliest finger ornament  ever recorded were found inside the tombs of early Egyptians. It was used as a [...]

Self-Development Jewelries: What are their Magical Wonders to Improve Your Personality?

Oftentimes, we are suffering from personal conflicts which are too difficult to resolve. But, no matter how challenging circumstances are, there are possible solutions which are governed by the principles of self-development.  This kind of personal progress aims to find rational cures to end personal conflicts, develop a compassionate attitude and being confident in anything that you do each moment of your life. Creatively, self-development jewelries were uniquely crafted to perfection providing beauty, positive focusing behaviors and goals and the likes. Photo Credit: The [...]

December 2017

What are the Simple to Follow Guidelines for an Eye-Catching Jewelry Display?

A successful and profitable jewelry business entails an eye-catching jewelry display. This time-tested  entrepreneurial strategy remarkably attracts more clients than the usual. It amazingly generates a spark while  enticing numerous customers to give your products a second look. To begin with, the factors of balance and styles must be taken into account. Most importantly, displaying your most wanted accessories must perfectly match the different personalities of your elegant and affordable jewelries. Photo Credit: To expound, the eye-catching jewelry display should reflect the delicate fashion [...]

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