July 2017

How to Craft Colorful Button Bracelets as Trendy Fashion Accessories

Beautiful and easy to make jewelries out of junk materials  turn your creativity into a more recognizable trait that is endlessly enhanced as years passed. Today’s blog is all about how to craft color button bracelets in just a few hours of exploration and a detailed execution of this exciting DIY project of fashion. For these bracelets,  we are going to use the following materials: 10-20 pieces of old buttons in different colors Pair of scissors Elastic cord  Photo Credit: To do this with ease, [...]

May 2016

The Spiritual Essence of jewelries for Buddhists

Buddhism beliefs have interesting facts about the spiritual essence of jewelries. Although these are beautiful and enchanting forms of personal adornments, did you know that these are strictly prohibited during the occurrence of both half and full moon days in their very own calendar? For them, jewelries serve as the innate and mystic representations as to how a person can strongly make things happen according to their personal desires. Likewise, they abstain from wearing them for at last twice a month. Photo [...]

April 2016

Ring Morphology: The Dynamic and Bold Evolution of Fashion

Since I was still in my teenage years, those eye-catching and elegant rings had become the object of my wildest dreams and fantasies though there were no rational reasons behind my head over heels romantic rendezvous with these captivating jewelries. Consequently,  I have decided to write something about the interesting world of ring morphology.  The term itself simply refers to the different jargon that are commonly used in various ring designs no matter what its type is. Initially, there’s the ring’s [...]

Pigeon’s Blood and Cornflowers Gemstones: How Do These Treasures Define Fashion?

Gemstones and their mysterious symbolism have caught anyone by surprise because of the positive effects that they amazingly provide the wearer anytime of the day. Have you ever heard about the pigeon’s blood and cornflowers gemstones? Frankly, this my very first time to hear  about them since I became interested in the glittering world of jewelries. Since the dawn of ancient history, gemstones had started inching their way into our fashionable lifestyle about hundreds of years from the time that [...]

Sensational Myths about Vintage Jewelries

There are numerous and contesting myths about your favorite vintage jewelries, that made these  fashionable trinkets even more popular among its millions of  collectors across the globe. Initially, these things are unfairly perceived as dirty. However, it can be can be  easily cleaned by an Ultra Sonic  jewelry cleaner. In like manner, you can make use of  warm water, mild soap and a soft piece of cloth. After which, you can rinse it well. Set it on a terry towel and [...]

The Priceless Mystiques of Diamonds

Diamonds are considered as one of the most priceless gifts during the ancient times. In 1477,  Archduke of Maximilian  had proudly presented the beauteous Mary of Burgundy a diamond studded ring. From then on, it gave birth to the discovery of wedding rings. Originally, people began wearing these splendid jewelries as early as the fifteenth century. Apart from this undeniable reality, diamond rings  were inherently worn by kings to symbolize bravery, strength and the trait  of invincibility. Photo Interestingly, the word [...]

Diamonds: Forever or Just Shimmering Fashion Fads?

Diamonds are unmistakably women’s best friend forever. But, how true is this impressive statement with the swift changing of the times with respect to those striking and noteworthy characteristics?The famous slogan  that “Diamonds are forever” was the brilliant idea of De Beers sometime in 1937. From then on, he was able to convincingly get across this catalytic and powerful message most particularly among Westerners. Moreover, lots of these people had presumed that these gemstones are best suited for the most [...]

Neo-Grecian and Neo-Egyptian Styles Embrace Antiquity for Modern Fashion

Historical accounts have significantly revealed that the complex and competitive fashion world has no inkling  about antiquity,  when it comes to creating your own fashion style.  Did you know that people from Ancient Egypt had adopted the fashion principles of Western culture? To date, both the Neo- Grecian and Neo-Egyptian styles have strongly dominated through the dawn of shimmering jewelries. Ancient Greece holistically adopts the gold trend. These proudly included some gold coins, organic motifs like the use of ivy and [...]

Earrings: How Well Do You Know its Remarkable History?

Earrings are stunning pieces of jewelries which are attached  to the earlobes via the most gentle method of piercing. Uniquely, these are categorically classified as accessories for both female and male genders. According to the ancient records of history, these have evidently shown that they were worn to denote numerous purposes based on Biblical records. In Exodus 32:1–4, it is written that while Moses was up on Mount Sinai, the Israelites demanded that Aaron make a god for them. It [...]

March 2016

How Familiar are You with Jewelry Jargon?

A better and thorough understanding of jewelry jargon does  not only equip us with adequate knowledge of how we are going to deal with other essential elements as well as buying guides and other considerations to keep us  on the right track whenever we want to look beautiful, elegant and stunning. Gold and silver jewelries have different vocabularies that correspond to the items that you want and are being sold in online stores such as VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated.    Photo Credit: Here are some [...]

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