November 2017

The Concealed Fashion Secrets of Signet Rings

The gleaming and capricious fashion world was once smitten by those unique kinds of jewelries   known as  signet rings These  magnificent and regal rings had been worn by Prince Charles. These feature  three-feathered emblems.  Some prominent figures in global history had a customized ring  of the same kind with a coat of arms. Photo Credit: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/56/16/1c/56161cdc543a7e659a160324338c7a67–male-rings-engraved-rings.jpg During the ancient times, signet rings were widely known as the “Gentleman’s Rings”. Today, these timeless accessories represent the importance of classic treasures. According to a renowned jeweller, “My feeling is [...]

Why are Gemstones Essential in Splendid Jewelry Collections?

Jewelries are beautifully complemented with authentic and sparkling gemstones. But, have we ever wondered why regal jewelry settings are not so  attractive without them? According to ancient history, these fantastic ornaments are meant to convey a special moment in our lives. To expound, a gemstone vividly traces your humble beginnings as a person and who you are now. Photo Credit:http://www.doitecofashionshow.com/image/catalog/Jewelry/stylish-sparkling-gemstones-women-ring-9586_1.jpg Gemstones and their interesting evolution denote the out of style persona of a wearer as  well as the staying power of a gleaming jewelry [...]

Christmas Tree Pendant Necklace: Your Ideal Yule Gift for a Shoestring Budget

Christmas  Season is just around the corner and gift giving ideas are extremely many to mention. But, there are beautiful and versatile presents which are relatively cheaper than those signature items which are easily accessible through reputable online stores. Our latest blog will teach you how to make a Christmas Tree pendant necklace. For this particular project, you are going to buy the following materials. Photo Credit: https://sites.create-cdn.net/siteimages/5/5/7/55745/93/4/5/9345192/350×350.jpg?1462288354 Materials for Christmas Tree Pendant Necklace 6MM Light Green Faceted Bicone Glass Beads Golden Jump Rings 10MM Faceted Round Glass Beads Golden [...]

October 2017

Why Should You Select a Gleaming Diamond Ring for Your Altar Date?

A woman’s altar date is the much awaited moment in her life. So. it has to be complemented with gleaming diamonds. These are best described as vogue fashion statements which are unique and trendy sans the traditional shapes and designs. Radiant diamonds dearly represent the essence of its name in terms of its beyond compare splendidness  and beauty. The spellbinding glamour of these gemstones denote the aforementioned characteristic through their remarkable clarity and  intricate designs like Emerald cuts. Photo Credit: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/a2/59/72/a25972df201e8c09272ac1ff5cb32c7c–emerald-cut-rings-emerald-cut-engagement-rings.jpg The most wanted gleaming [...]

Chinese Gems and Regal Jewelries Craftsmanhip

The gleaming and splendid Chinese gems have become more popular among middle-class families, who are spending so much on luxuries like these. In fact, China is currently dubbed as the “largest consumer of platinum jewelries across the globe, second to India. Characteristically, these remarkable gemstones are closely associated with the mystifying Feng Shui principles and tenets. Based on Chinese geomancy, colored gemstones have dynamic and powerful attributes to attract, repel or conduct energy  to improve your life. Photo Credit: https://img0.etsystatic.com/120/0/9978412/il_570xN.881937158_ia72.jpg Some Chinese gems are naturally organic [...]

Fine Jewelries and How Elegance Define Your Stylish Persona

A wide array of fine jewelries are sold online and in physical stores across the globe, due to their unquestionable affordability and expressive aesthetic values to be worn proudly worn by stylish fashionistas. Though these are less-expensive, costume jewelries are exclusively made from high-grade materials,  laboriously enhanced by talented artisans and subjected to the highest degree of perfection via quality control.. Photo Credit: http://www.jewelrygossips.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/7-prichin-pochemu-vasha-odezhda-mozhet-nanesti-vred-zdorovyu_41.jpg In making these splendid fashion jewelries, semi-precious gemstones are used like sparkling  rubies and emeralds. Even diamonds and jades have been chosen [...]

Emerald Gemstones: The Mystical Benefits of Wearing them in Style

Mysticism and birthstones are closely associated with each other for some reason. Like the shimmering elegance of Emerald gemstones, these provide a sense of contentment to a given wearer. Also, it has the capability of sensing spiritual entities based on historical accounts. Historically, these are under the influence of Mercury, the first planet in our solar system. Astrologers have advised that a gemstone therapy is necessary to solve your personal  problems easily. For married couples, they must wear rings with these [...]

What are Fake Jewelries? A Fashion Review

Fashion or fake jewelries are the best alternatives to establish a kind of uniqueness that makes you a standout. Their affordable prices vary or depend on the following factors: Materials and how they were crafted. Some of these are exquisitely made from brass, plastics, beads, clays and glass. Based on the fundamentals of fashion, these are meant to enhance your styles and personality. Photo Credit: http://www.funmag.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/fashion-jewelry-collection-by-afeeraz-04.jpg The wide array of fake jewelries are beautifully transformed into anklets, bracelets, rings, earrings, bangles and chains. Jewelries which [...]

Why are there Splendid Birthstones in Jewelries?

Birthstones in jewelries are exquisitely crafted  to signify one’s personality trait based on his or her zodiac signs. These shimmering  centerpieces play  pivotal roles to describe a wearer’s social stature and inner emotions. Likewise, these magnificent jewelry centerpieces resemble what these gems inherently symbolize according to purpose and etymology. Needless to brag about, these treasures of a lifetime are insignias of our behaviors and inner beliefs. Whether these are real or just superstitions, what matters is these fascinating works of [...]

Diamonds are Forever? What is Really the Truth?

Diamonds are forever? Is there any truth to this intriguing question? In the year 1937, De Beers coined this unusual statement because diamonds are the wisest options as designs for those bewitching engagement rings. Likewise, these elegant gemstones are scarce in some well-known mining areas. Over the years, a diamond can now be produced in a laboratory. Indeed, technological innovations have gone a long, long way to make these priceless treasures more competitive and visible in global markets. Photo Credit: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-WLbVQZS1SQg/TnR_2SHtcPI/AAAAAAAAdAA/xb1K__6ORo0/s1600/diamond+necklaces+-3.jpg Today, the [...]

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