June 2017

Do You Want to Possess a Remarkable Mental Health: Wearable Tech Does the Job

In today’s modern world, nothing is really impossible. There are highly-innovative wearable tech that can amazingly improve your mental health by wearing them in fashion and style. Moreover, these  splendid jewelries  will be able to assist you to have a better understanding about the common signs and symptoms of depression and autism.  Recent researches by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had utilized wristbands to critically analyze a wearer’s heart rate, movements, temperature and  skin conductance. Photo Credit: http://www.redherring.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Samsung-Gear-S.jpg These stylish wearable tech have been found on [...]

A Generous Jewelry Line Donates a Plate of Food for Every Sale of Jewelry

Nashville Jewelry is a generous jewelry line that unselfishly donates a plate of food for every item sold. This was their signature mission since the business became a word of mouth. Food program is not their only humanitarian endeavor. They also have non-profit and neighbor-based programs which include Feeding America and NeighborImpact. At first, the company’s kind hearted owners simply desired to use their God-given talents to support their families. In the beginning, they marketed their beautiful jewelries by using a [...]

January 2017

A Gemologist and an Entrepreneur at 25: An Inspiring Chronicle of Success

Success is not measured by age. I’ve come across about a young man, who at the age of 25 years old, is at the peak of everything. Based on her inspiring story, a gemologist and an entrepreneur at the same time became possible when this blessed and gifted creation of God was exposed to the business when got fascinated with luxury watches in his grandfather’s store. His name is John Ortiga, managing director of La Estrella del Norte, one of [...]

December 2016

Jewelry Business in 2017 to Bolster HK Jewelry Exports

Global economists have optimistically predicted a surge in production and manufacturing most especially for Hong Kong jewelry exports.  This was divulged by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) said in its latest Hong Kong exports outlook 2017. Photo Credit: http://files.jewellerynetasia.com/FileUpload/migrateddata/UserUploadImage/Showroom/Photo/e905d8c8-bc13-464b-a634-dde90f6bfedf.jpg Furthermore, HKTDC said in an interview In line with other sectors, the budding global recovery should be a positive development for jewellery exports, although the demand for high-end items will still be capped by unabated consumer conservatism,” according to HKTDC. “For more accessible items [...]

August 2016

Wearable Technology Amazingly Translates Sign Languages into English

The incredible world of wearable technology can unbelievably interpret human gestures through sign language and then accurately translate them into English. This will aid the deaf as well as those people who do not have a thorough understanding of sign language. These wearable sensors were excellently developed by the brilliant engineers of the Texas A&M University. It can tremendously detect both movement and muscle activity through a person’s arms. Photo Credit: http://a.fastcompany.net/multisite_files/fastcompany/imagecache/1280/poster/2015/09/3050720-poster-p-1-wrist-mounted-motion-sensor-translates-sign-language-into-english_0.jpg The unmatched wearable technology utilizes two diverse sensors: A sensor that immediately responds to [...]

Wearable Technology: Huge Business Opportunities Up Ahead

Today’s unbelievable scientific innovations such as the sudden emergence of wearable technology can be made into huge business opportunities in the years ahead, according to a recent news report of a famed research firm which is widely known as MarketsandMarkets.  Based on their estimated revenue, it has projected that by 2020, that these techie apparatuses will soon earn a huge ROI of $31.3 billion. Along this line, the industrial applications of these highly-efficient gadgets will also experience the same boom [...]

How is Fine Jewelry Business this 2016?

A profitable economic endeavor like fine jewelry business takes a major quantum leap this 2016 through its  e-commerce mechanism with estimated total revenues amounting to $70 billion. This monumental growth was due to the unstoppable trend of consumer preferences because they have become at ease with purchasing jewelries via the Internet.   Photo Credit:s.huffpost.com Based on reliable sources, the fine jewelry business is doing fine as its gets stronger in terms of market sales. Furthermore, the unbearable effects of recession had become things of the past [...]

July 2016

Prehistoric Inspirations of Jewelry Designs Astound Fashion Scene Anew

History and fashion are beautifully synchronized to amaze millions of jewelry lovers across the globe, as a famous jeweller has perfectly adopted the dynamic principles of prehistoric inspirations of jewelry designs. Monique Pean gave the fashion world a new innovation that brought back how the world was vividly transformed into a more exciting sphere of world-class creations. She utilized a precious dinosaur bone. Pean, is a designer who is happily based in New York.  What does she think about her latest [...]

June 2016

Incredible Smart Jewelry Could Find a Body in Minutes

Crime does not pay. This famous sage becomes more evident as a latest scientific breakthrough helps authorities to find your body in just 12 minutes or less. The incredible smart jewelry is currently sold in America’s leading markets. According to Gizmo Magazine, this interesting fashion fad is more useful than the usual tactics of self-defense. Along this line, innovators have this to say.   Photo Credit:img-3.gizmag.com “Pepper sprays and self-defense know-how are useful tools in protecting against violent attacks. But in the view of [...]

Storytelling: The Newest Approach in Selling Your Jewelries

Shopping for an engagement ring can be stressful at times; although this is an impersonal kind of experience.  Generally, popular luxury brands like Tiffany could  be one of your wisest choices despite of its  unexpected sales decline by as low as 18 percent  in the last six months. Likewise, there are many jewelry stores in  our midst that are devastatingly confronted with the same financial  woes. As a result, these elegant shops had closed down notwithstanding the fact that [...]

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