September 2017

Helpful Hints on How to Possess a Mesmerizing Jewelry Collection

Stunning jewelry collections are really engaging to look  at from sun up to sundown. Best of all, these are the most profitable investments if you are a certified fashionista. Begin with birthstone gem collectibles. Just find the right styles and designs. Do you love to wear accessories but your skin is susceptible to allergies? Know your exciting NICKEL-FREE accessories.  Next, pearls are too beautiful and versatile because you can flaunt them in weddings while pairing them with elegant tiaras or dangle [...]

August 2017

High-Quality Glues for Jewelry Making

Customized or DIY jewelries need some high-quality glues for jewelry making just like an E-6000 brand. This kind of glue is so dependable for  any DIY project of yours. Just a small amount will do. However, it all depends on the kind of application that you have in mind. Commonly, this is highly recommended for coiled and fold over cords for added security. Use the glue for prongs and paves of your trendy rings. Photo Credit: Jewelries that involve detailed work require high- [...]

How Should the Male Fashionistas Wear Bracelets?

Males’ uniqueness are meaningfully expressed by changing their conventional fashion sense to wear bracelets with pride and confidence. Men who love and adore these beautiful jewelry pieces should embrace the importance of different colors. Ideally, those bright-colored accessories will surely magnify their bewitching personality. Try some vibrant lilac and orange bracelets or teals. Photo Credit: Macho and glamorous guys should wear bracelets which are exclusively crafted from woven or metallic materials. Also, those accessories which have been magnificently fashioned out of glass beads and woven [...]

How to Sell Your Gold Jewelries as Good Investments

Good and wise investments like gold jewelries will not let you down, just in case you need them during an emergency. But, prior to your plans of selling these items to a reputable store or company there are simple ways to remember to provide you with profitable rewards. First, you have to know or determine the worth of your gold accessories. Check on the latest gold price on how to sell your gold jewelries to your advantage. In doing so, this [...]

How to Make Glass Dome Jewelries

Fashion evolution never ceases to amaze in many unique ways.  How to make glass dome jewelries requires lots of patience and creativity, to come up with unimaginable perfection from start to finish. In this engaging and profitable DIY project, flat glass tiles are curved carefully in order to magnify your image with no flaws or alterations at all. One of the easy to secure materials that you will need is a high-quality adhesive tape that dries up clearly. With this [...]

How to Wear Toe Rings in Style

There is a latest fashion fad today, which interestingly caught my fancy due to its coolness and magnificent cultural significance. Toe rings were popularized by ancient people who belong to the Eastern culture. These are simply characterized as tiny rings which are exclusively made of different materials. How to wear toe rings significantly defined fashion fads rather than a particular culture in any part of the world. The said fabulous  trinkets are worn during summer by preppy teenagers and adults  alike [...]

Simple Hacks to Creatively Solve Your Jewelry Problems

Our blog today might be too short. But, being informative substantiates  everything you need to know. Jewelries or trinkets increase our beauty and charm no matter how simple or elegant these are. However, inevitable things happen as you wear any of your accessories anywhere you go. Nevertheless, these simple hacks to creatively solve your jewelry problems will try its uniqueness to help you out. Read on. Photo Credit: If you  will bring your jewelries when travelling, the best way to do is  to untangle [...]

Look Fashionable and Trendy: Wear a Clay Statement Neon Ring

Fashion trends in jewelries come and go. But, there are always new things that could surprise our creative imaginations each day.  Have  you ever wondered how a simple clay could take your distinctive aesthetics into a different kind of hype and thrill?  Today’s DIY jewelry blog will teach and show you how to make a colorful clay statement neon ring. These chic accessories will definitely unleash the fashion icon within you in just a few minutes. For this particular project, you [...]

Why are Rings the Most Essential Ornaments in Global History?

In our continuously global history, rings are the most essential fashion ornaments ever created by human hands. Based on historical accounts, these are splendid accessories which had been worn by both genders to significantly indicate the importance of gender equality in a given society. Moreover, these were the center of attraction in  every wedding ceremony because these  symbolic trinkets resembled eternal love and faithfulness. Photo Credit: Since  elegant rings are too special for everyone, there are certain criteria to be followed particularly in purchasing them [...]

Getting Rid of Metal Smell on Your Jewelry

Fashionable jewelries are extremely stunning to wear with your favorite wardrobes. However, these have annoying characterization that some of our today’s modern fashionistas had somehow find it annoying  and unbearable at times. It’s no other than but the metal smell on jewelry.  But, here are unique  ways on how to effectively remove those metal smells on your priceless accessories. First, there are special formulated products that you must buy to resolve these little issues. First, is the water-vinegar solution.  To [...]

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