June 2016

Jewelry Matching: How Does it Complement the Shape of Your Face?

Jewelry  matching and its proper techniques increase your beauty without any question at all. Most importantly, this will allow the wearer to find the best jewelry. To measure the shape of your face, use a flexible tape and a hair rubber band. This is to ensure the accuracy in everything that you want to accomplish. For a round face, the ideal one would this one. Jewelry matching for a square-shaped face,  take a look at this image of  Angelina Jolie and the [...]

April 2016

The Trendy Secrets on How to Wear Chunky Jewelries

Chic and fashionable accessories include another eye-catching fashion statement such as chunky jewelries. Based on the perceptions of different fashion bloggers across the globe, these simple to elegant accessories denote a dynamic and yet bold statement. However, the essence of creating an influential personality solely depends on the one who wears them. Photo Basically, huge necklaces  are constantly considered as one of the finest collections insofar as chunky jewelries are to be regarded. Therefore, choose a wide array of bright-colored necklaces with neutral colors. [...]

Winter Jewelries: The Shivering Picturesques of Elegance

Did you know that winter time has its own  unique way of saying “I adore jewelries to hilt”  among fashion experts? During this time of the year, glittering jewelries are the highly recommended because  these will further add up to the hype of  Yuletide Season once it sets in. Shimmering accessories are nice to wear. But,  you must not go beyond your fashion limits. Teardrop earrings like winter jewelries are suited when  the nights are cold because of their unique [...]

Neo-Grecian and Neo-Egyptian Styles Embrace Antiquity for Modern Fashion

Historical accounts have significantly revealed that the complex and competitive fashion world has no inkling  about antiquity,  when it comes to creating your own fashion style.  Did you know that people from Ancient Egypt had adopted the fashion principles of Western culture? To date, both the Neo- Grecian and Neo-Egyptian styles have strongly dominated through the dawn of shimmering jewelries. Ancient Greece holistically adopts the gold trend. These proudly included some gold coins, organic motifs like the use of ivy and [...]

Choosing the Bridal Jewelry that Suits You Best

Brides have every reason to celebrate about their much-awaited  altar date. Fashion statements  that are unique and enchanting solely depend on the personality of the bride who is in focus  on that very special day. One of which is the bridal jewelry that you wish to wear and flaunt to the delight of your spectators. According to fashion experts, these stunning accessories can either make or break your wedding outfit without any qualm at all. If you are to choose a [...]

March 2016

Accessorizing Your Red-Colored Dress

The creative ways in accessorizing your dress take a lot of experimentations before you will finally hit the target of being fashionable and trendy. In accessorizing your red-colored dress, you must choose those jewelries that are unobtrusive that can add a bit of contrast and interest. This means to say, that your accessories must not be a crowd drawer. In other words, you must keep your dress the focal point of your entire wardrobe. Photo A red dress must be beautifully accompanied [...]

How to Accessorize Your Favorite Swimwear

This summer, it is not enough to wear your swimwear with no fuss at all. Any kind of swimwear can look as fabulous as  you are if you will learn how to accessorize your favorite swimwear. As a certified fashionista, possibilities are endless in the glamorous world of  a trendsetting kind of summer wear. If you want to be sensational while caressing your skin in the sun, experts in beauty and fashion are highly recommending  tops with elaborate back straps, a [...]

February 2016

The Glitter and Glamour of a First Lady’s Jewelry Secrets

Social stature goes hand in hand  with the most expensive jewelry collections. This is something that is very much understandable in the spellbinding world of fashion and politics. The First Lady’s jewelry secrets like that of US First Lady  Michelle Obama is something to look forward to because  these are not only extraordinary but worth emulating. These should have the following: Alternative and cute patterns, elegant cuts and all other stylish jewelry design frameworks that will bewilder your capricious imagination. Michelle Obama’s [...]

Ideal Jewelries during Winter Season

Jewelries have their mystifying characteristics which seem to be dubious and extraordinary the moment that you have intimately discovered them unexpectedly. Jewellers  from across the globe had intimately discovered that there are ideal  jewelries during the winter season. This is according to a notable jeweller named Ross Simons. Although there are no  concrete scientific explanations about this worth knowing fact, our intellectually stimulating website would like to share this very enlightening information to let you be aware of the universal truth. [...]

Oxidized Jewelry is Back with a Glaring Vengeance

It is so amusing to know that there is such a precious jewelry like an oxidized jewelry. This is something that is truly worth spending a fortune, because of its awesome uniqueness and lasting ingenuity. It is best described as a classy option for some people who really loved to flaunt this  flashy ornament to beautifully dictate their personal styles even without saying a word. Below, is a captivating sample of  the so-called oxidized trinket. Photo An oxidized jewelry is a perfect combination [...]

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