September 2017

Animal Motif Jewelries: Eco-Friendly Style of Fashion

The engendering styles of fashion have proudly included these stylish animal motif jewelries to become one of your lifetime gems. These are not ordinary designed gems because their vital components came from animal ashes. According to ancient history, the Egyptians had made these precious fossils into scarabs, beetles and cobras. Nowadays, Cartier made it more splendid by remarkably transforming it into a bewitching panther. Also, famous jewelry houses have excitedly joined the trendy bandwagon by featuring the world-renowned Chopard collection. Photo Credit: Going [...]

4th of July Bracelet: The Fashion Accessory with an Immortal American Pride

Fashionable and trendy accessories are seldom associated with historical significance. Today’s DIY blog will teach us about the easiest steps in making a cute and trendy 4th of July bracelet.  There are two primal materials that you should prepare: A wide array of crystal beads and craft wire. Of course, you have to prepare some high-quality pliers and other specialized  tools to come up with the cutest bracelet in town. Photo Credit: To begin with your simple 4th of  July bracelet, cut a small [...]

August 2017

High-Quality Glues for Jewelry Making

Customized or DIY jewelries need some high-quality glues for jewelry making just like an E-6000 brand. This kind of glue is so dependable for  any DIY project of yours. Just a small amount will do. However, it all depends on the kind of application that you have in mind. Commonly, this is highly recommended for coiled and fold over cords for added security. Use the glue for prongs and paves of your trendy rings. Photo Credit: Jewelries that involve detailed work require high- [...]

Effects of Wearable Technology to the Health and Wellness of a Distributor

Wearable  technology gadgets are too fashionable and engaging to wear because of their immeasurable advantages to both humans  and its gigantic marketing industries. Today’s blog tackles about the effects of wearable technology to the health and wellness of a distributor. Primarily, any gizmo of this kind provides us the easiest access to personal data which are very essential in making the wisest decision about our overall well-being. Since the dawn of these modern technologies, a scientific study has further revealed that [...]

How to Wear Toe Rings in Style

There is a latest fashion fad today, which interestingly caught my fancy due to its coolness and magnificent cultural significance. Toe rings were popularized by ancient people who belong to the Eastern culture. These are simply characterized as tiny rings which are exclusively made of different materials. How to wear toe rings significantly defined fashion fads rather than a particular culture in any part of the world. The said fabulous  trinkets are worn during summer by preppy teenagers and adults  alike [...]

How Do Mood Rings Provide their Mesmerizing Charm of Fashion?

The splendid and intriguing charms of mood rings are extremely expressive in its artistic overall physique. In this interesting blog of ours, it will focus on how  these extraordinary accessories work based on your current emotions. To define, these are adorable trinkets that can predict one’s emotions when worn. History’s first ever mood ring  was invented by Joshua Reynolds during the 1970’s. From then on, it became a phenomenal fad in the evolving world of fashion. Photo Credit: In our previous blogs, we [...]

Why are Diamonds Elegant and Special for Jewelry Lovers?

Diamonds are women’s best friends forever because of their special meanings and characteristics. Their splendid stones have their unique auras of its own that exude the priceless qualities like unparalleled beauty through the years. This is the major reason why a diamond is the most popular gemstone in the world.  Over the years, there are hundreds of thousand diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and rings which have been sold online to different people who belong to diversified cultures. Photo Credit: Authentic or real diamonds creatively [...]

Why are Rings the Most Essential Ornaments in Global History?

In our continuously global history, rings are the most essential fashion ornaments ever created by human hands. Based on historical accounts, these are splendid accessories which had been worn by both genders to significantly indicate the importance of gender equality in a given society. Moreover, these were the center of attraction in  every wedding ceremony because these  symbolic trinkets resembled eternal love and faithfulness. Photo Credit: Since  elegant rings are too special for everyone, there are certain criteria to be followed particularly in purchasing them [...]

July 2017

How Gemstones Possess their Amazing Colors?

The gyrating colors of gemstones are too fascinating to look at when worn and perfectly complemented with your kind of wardrobe. Based on research findings, the said engaging attributes are due to the incredible ability of a gemstone to absorb light. It has diverse wavelengths; therefore, when it passes through any kind of light it will reflect a colorless characteristic. On the contrary, if gemstones have dynamically absorbed all the lights around it it will have a black reflection. Hence, if [...]

Why Do Saudi Women Adore Gold Jewelries?

Saudi gold jewelries are being adorned by women because these mementoes  immortalize the sweetest significance of love in many endearing ways.  These expensive and enchanting accessories denote security and affection. Generally, the beyond compare qualities of these regal trinkets are extremely high in relation to their artistic craftsmanship filled with wisdom and creativity. For instance, when a child’s ears had been pierced for the first time  her loving parents  will gift her either gold or diamond earrings to proudly flaunt the [...]

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