June 2016

Resin Jewelry: The Easy Way to Get Started

Resin jewelry making gives you the freedom to enhance your creativity. This includes a wide variety of ways in integrating the finest colors while you are engrossed  in the tedious process of  molding it into different shapes. As expected, possibilities are endless just like your own unique cognition. Photo How to Get Started First things first. To pour resin in making this very affordable jewelry. Always monitor two vital elements. The pot and cure time respectively. As defined, pot time pertains to [...]

The Spellbinding Beauty and Glamour of a Polychrome Art Glass Jewelry

Unique and stylish jewelries abound the world of fashion with perfection and significance. These attributes are meant to ensure that your accessories do not only exhibit a glamorous fad for the sake of establishing an iconic kind of personality. Polychrome art  glass jewelry provides each one of us with  bright and  illuminating colors to beautifully accessorize an outfit of your choice. Photo A polychrome art glass jewelry harmoniously combines three or more colors that aim to create a chrome-like appearance. This kind of accessory [...]

April 2016

The Innovative Art of Diamond Cutting for a Timeless Jewelry Piece

Priceless diamonds  never leave the wildest  imaginations of famous jewelry collectors and craftsmen no matter how modernized we are now. Today’s interesting blog, will share with you the innovative art of diamond cutting to make your jewelries more enchanting and expressive through the years. From the very start, these are being categorically classified as unrefined gemstones.   Photo Credit: This means to indicate that it will take hours before a perfect cut can be achieved.  To define, diamond cutting is the meticulous process [...]

February 2016

Angola Unearths 404 Carat Diamond Unbelievable!

Angola leaves an indelible mark in the pages of ancient history when it unearthed a 404 carat diamond. Upon its unexpected discovery, it is now known as the  27th biggest diamond in the world. The  Lucapa  Diamond Company made the surprising announcement. It is described as a type IIa D-colour diamond. This was  disclosed by the firm itself at the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola’s Lunda Norte Province. Photo Credit: Angola’s 404 carat diamond has broken the existing record of an Australian firm. Likewise, it was able [...]

January 2016

VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated: The Glittering Success Story

The  continuous business success of VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated seems to be too inspiring among the newest jewelry makers in the country today. For those neophyte entrepreneurs out there, it is a duly registered jewelry firm in the Philippines  that has been adjudged as one of Asia’s leading jewelry manufacturer for your customized jewelries that ensue brilliance and product excellence every time you wear them. For more than three decades, VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated  and our dedicated and persevering engineers, sales personnel and our [...]

The Business Dynamics of VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated

Beauty and elegance are not only found in the physical endowments of human nature. These are also embodied in those quality and stunning jewelries like VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated. This is one of the largest selling jewelry firm in the country that  provides distinctive and quality jewelry pieces for years. Why should you choose them as your leading jewelry provider? Well, here are the many  reasons why you should be in  a formidable business partnership with VY  Domingo Jewellers Incorporated. Why [...]

Ms. Fiolette Y. Domingo V.Y. Domingo Jewellers Incorporated President/CEO