January 2018

The Mysterious Simplicity of a Red String Bracelet

Superstitious beliefs are constantly included in the different facets of jewelry fashion. The simplicity of a red string bracelet is believed to be powerful in attracting love, prosperity and peace in our fast paced lives. Did you know that Hindus regard this as a sacred piece of jewelry? Interestingly, based on the New Age belief system of Twin Flames, this kind of bracelet will bind lovers together for a lifetime. Even a top caliber singer like Madonna has worn this lovable [...]

Why is Handmade Jewelry a Unique Work of Art?

A fabulous handmade jewelry is constantly a part of our versatile fashion statement and personality because it makes a stunning presentation regardless of the different outfits that we wear each day.  No matter how it has been made, whether its beaded, knitted or sequined, the engendering artistry is evolutionary in its strictest sense through diverse cultures. Photo Credit: http://craftedportla.com/cwp/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/c5.jpg In its holistic idea of beauty and perfection, a handmade jewelry employs different metals and gemstones to increase their aesthetic appeal and value. Among these materials are [...]

How to Make a Stunning Three-Strand Bracelet

A stylish three-strand bracelet is not a rare work of art. But, it is the simplest creation of an imaginative mind. Uniquely, this is referred to as chainmail.  Why is this so? Just have chains with equal diameters and you are all set to wear the most wanted accessory of kids, teens and young at heart. Use three similar strands which are described as chainmail weaves. You can beautifully mix different metals to come up with an affordable and elegant trinket. Photo [...]

The Ravishing Exquisiteness of Gothic Dark Crystal Jewelries

  Gothic styles of fashion are denoted by various significance. Gothic dark crystal jewelries are characterized by the interesting qualities of introspection, romanticism and occultism. Over the years, these attributions have drastically changed. During the 18th century, the splendid jewelries were mainly inspired by the art and literary movement. As a result,  horror and romance had been beautifully merged to create an innovative kind of fashion. To date, bats, skulls and colorful roses design concepts proliferated. Photo Credit: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/46/58/51/465851b41e6d9e258fca6f5c83efb229–gothic-accessories-gothic-jewelry.jpg Moreover, filigreed Gothic dark crystal jewelries are some [...]

December 2017

The Fascinating Glamour of Gemstone Necklace Pendants

Necklaces look more beautiful and grandiose, if there are splendid gemstones on them. These intricately crafted gemstone necklace pendants are available in different colors and designs,  which perfectly suit any occasion. Any kind of pendant can be used for your favorite necklace from cabochons to faceted gems. Necklaces could be long or short, which are commonly made out of leather, string beads or precious types of metals. Photo Credit: http://shinjyujewelry.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/IMG_4367_web.jpg If you are going to choose from a wide array of gemstone necklace pendants, it is [...]

Why are Jewelries the Best Gifts of All Time?

Jewelries are ascribed as the best gifts of all time. Choosing the right combinations is not that easy. But, here’s how to do it. Buy the classic ones that can be worn for a lifetime. Also, these must exude sentimentality and can be customized for a particular purpose for your absolute satisfaction. Some finest examples are accessories with elegant and dainty engravings.Photo Credit: https://09af45c028d45427e208-de05c04896fa299c8afa4ff7d0bc075c.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-hugerect-153697-70389-1373278814-f0a6e7ad2b7e7b6198653f705912c1f6.373278815_type_hugerect_nid_153697_uid_70389_0 Likewise, magnificent and stunning jewelries could be a vast collection of monograms, vintage watches or diamond studded bracelets. Photo Credit: https://assets.myntassets.com/h_1440,q_100,w_1080/v1/assets/images/1706477/2017/2/15/11487141380765-Studio-Voylla-Rajputana-Off-White-Gold-Plated-Kundan-Studded-Choker-Necklace-2621487141380614-1.jpg Have you [...]

A Nostalgic Glimpse of Tribal Jewelries

Over the years, we all know that jewelries are worn to remarkably define beauty and reflect the social status of early people. This is why tribal jewelries became more popular because these were simply crafted from indigenous materials such as the heads of animals and even their sacred bones. Sometimes, the rare tribal accessories were exclusively made from shells, wood and ivory stones. Photo Credit: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-McJkFbwLKvc/UsBOWVEkuDI/AAAAAAAAA5o/gUCrTtvggMs/s1600/IMG_0530.JPG Unique and eye-catching tribal jewelries were in the same way made of eggshells. The trinkets were fashioned using sturdy strings, [...]

What is a 92.5 Silver Jewelry? Get to Know its Gleaming Facts of Immortal Beauty

Jewelry stores will never be complete without a sample of a gleaming and non-tarnishing 92.5 silver jewelry. But, most of us do not have any idea as to why it has been referred to as such. As far as making it durable is concerned, copper is being added. This is used to strengthen the components of this precious accessory. Photo Credit: http://n3.sdlcdn.com/imgs/a/6/d/Silver-Poetry-92-5-Sterling-SDL274719561-1-8d838.jpg Whenever a salesperson tells you that their store has a new and trendy 92.5 sterling jewelry always remember that this is comprised of 92.5 [...]

Easy Does It Polishing Tips for Platinum Jewelries

Platinum-made accessories are known as “Little Silver” Some of its prominent characteristics are as follows: High density, malleability, ductility and resistance to corrosion. Did you know that platinum can strongly resist their wear and tear capabilities like tarnishing most especially if these time-tested polishing tips for platinum jewelries will be followed to the letter. In cleaning a platinum-crafted trinket, use a file and do the process in diagonal movements. Photo Credit: http://www.newjewelrytrends.com/wp-content/uploads/wedding-platinum-jewelry.jpg Afterwards, file these once more in a perpendicular direction. Once the filing [...]

The Magnificence and Mystic of a Citrine Artisan Jewelry

Jewelries represent lots of mystic connotations through the years. Just like a genuine citrine artisan jewelry Did you know that this ostentatious accessory has a price tag of Php 10,000? As an overview, it is commonly dubbed by the Chinese as a gemstone of awesome imagination and manifestation for some reason because it unbelievably possesses the inherent power of  the sun. If somebody wears it, he or she will feel even more comfortable and a person’s persona will be filled with [...]

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