September 2017

Painless Tips on How to Get Rings on Swollen Fingers

Rings are nice to wear especially  if these trinkets are exquisitely ornamented with real and precious gemstones. However, there’s a bitter reality  behind your immeasurable admiration for these splendid accessories. It is the unimaginable idea of getting them stuck on your fingers to some inevitable circumstances. But, you should not fret because these easy tips will painlessly solve this problem in just a few minutes. First, if it is only a minor issue the best thing to do is to [...]

SIM Card Earrings: The Eco-Friendly Accessories with a Touch of Innovation

Nowadays, we keep on changing our SIM cards particularly, if our mobile phones were accidentally stolen or broken. Do you still have your old SIM with you? Well, here’s an interesting DIY project that you should try to do to be innovative and fashionable at the same time. Today, our informative blog will teach you how to craft some indigenous jewelries like a pair of SIM card earrings. To get started, you have to pierce the holes through the top center [...]

How to Make Nail Polish Jewelries

It’s my first time to hear about nail polish jewelries. Of course, there’s no doubt that these are literally less-expensive and so easy to do. With a small bottle of nail polish, you can artistically create splendid rings, bracelets, keychains and necklaces. These jewelries are created by painting the flat side of cabochon stones. Be sure to use a clear top coat and the different colors of nail polish. Then, you have to paint it with a black crackle polish to [...]

Prehistoric Jewelries: The Stone Age Accessories of All Time

Ancient history has been remarkably defined by those prehistoric jewelries. In 1995, a rare bracelet made from Obsidian was  discovered by Asikli Hoyok in Turkey from 8th millennium BC. To describe, the impeccable and splendid accessory has a laborious craftsmanship due to its symmetrical concept and central ridge. Apart from this, there’s another jewelry that  rocked the world of fashion in 2008.  Based on carbon dating analysis, its age is 40,000 years old. The regal and priceless gemstone is simply named [...]

Amethyst: The Glittering Significance You Ought to Discover

There are varying collections of authentic gemstones that you need to discover intimately before you buy any jewelry with your favorite gemstone. Amethyst is fascinating gemstone which soothes the soul, mind and body of a  wearer. Though this is classified as a semi-precious stone today, ancient people had regarded this beautiful and legendary stone as “Gem of Fire” and this beautifully corresponds to those people who were born in February. In Greek mythology, it signifies the ecclesiastical dignity same [...]

August 2017

How to Make Glass Dome Jewelries

Fashion evolution never ceases to amaze in many unique ways.  How to make glass dome jewelries requires lots of patience and creativity, to come up with unimaginable perfection from start to finish. In this engaging and profitable DIY project, flat glass tiles are curved carefully in order to magnify your image with no flaws or alterations at all. One of the easy to secure materials that you will need is a high-quality adhesive tape that dries up clearly. With this [...]

Elephant Hair Jewelry: The Mysterious Elegance from a Gigantic Creature

Elephants are currently making a phenomenal name in the world of fashion.  Although it might be a weird concept of human  artistry, a splendid elephant hair jewelry is one of the most intriguing and incredible accessories that captivated the meticulous tastes of jewelry aficionados across the globe. This ravishing accessory is not a new fashion fad. In fact, it has been in circulation for many centuries until today. Many loved to wear this fabulous trinket due to various significance. According to [...]

Ruby Gemstones: The Immortal Symbol of Love and Passion

Ruby gemstones are immortal symbols of love. So, couples should know how and to care for them from the very day that you call them as exclusively yours.  It  is widely known as the second biggest stone in history next to a diamond.  Since, these eternal treasures have lots of  historical and undying significance, rubies have to be maintained based on its inherent components. Also, these gyrating gemstones possess a unique resplendence that every wearer should be proud of. For [...]

Look Fashionable and Trendy: Wear a Clay Statement Neon Ring

Fashion trends in jewelries come and go. But, there are always new things that could surprise our creative imaginations each day.  Have  you ever wondered how a simple clay could take your distinctive aesthetics into a different kind of hype and thrill?  Today’s DIY jewelry blog will teach and show you how to make a colorful clay statement neon ring. These chic accessories will definitely unleash the fashion icon within you in just a few minutes. For this particular project, you [...]

July 2017

Why Wearing Jewelries is More than a Fashion Fad?

Wearing jewelries have been regarded as fashion fads. But, these conventional allusions could be transformed with a much deeper meaning or significance. Let’s take silver jewelries as perfect examples. These are powerful agents for disinfecting things around you to prevent colds and flus. Silver made accessories deregulate heat when worn appropriately. Amazingly, these sparkling trinkets can effectively protect you from the harmful effects of  electromagnetic radiations from mobile devices. Photo Credit: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/49/9f/f2/499ff25046842436299e302dcc0df7f5.jpg Gold jewelries inherently possess a different kind of warm energy that [...]

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