Chokers: The Humble Historical Origin

Chokers: The Humble Historical Origin

Chokers uniquely enthuse their dynamic power to recreate beauty and elegance through their moving and significant history from the day that it had become one of the most fashionable accessories of all time. During the French Revolution,  these jewelries act as ribbons around the necks of beautiful women.  These are  used to pay respect to their departed loved ones. During the 1860’s, these jewelries were in the same way utilized as such to know whether  or not if a woman was a prostitute. enhanced-buzz-6268-1360197799-0Photo

1874- Chokers were worn by ballerinas as shown in expensive paintings in the 1870’s and 1880’s.



According to the ancient and vivid pages of chokers history, Alexandra who was then known as the Princess of Wales had  worn thick rows of pearls and velvet to cover a scar. From then on, these ornaments had become a phenomenal fashion trends in the passing of years. To date, the first modern choker was  proudly worn by an Indian lady after it had been influenced by the one and only Princess of Wales.


But, chokers had made their turning points in the world of modern fashion. Though these were bitterly dubbed as dog collars, many fashion experts gave each and every kind of it a new twist to holistically define a new breed of fad transcendence then and now.


Here are  some of the newest  looks of chokers. 




Indeed, chokers are indeed versatile, functional and mesmerizing through the years without contentions.

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