A Colorful Rendezvous with Jewelry History

A Colorful Rendezvous with Jewelry History

Our interesting website wants to share with you the colorful jewelry history in the simplest way possible. By definition, a jewelry is a universal form of physical adornment. During the ancient times, most jewelry pieces were made from shells and bones that have remarkably survived the test of time since time immemorial. Purposely, these were worn by people to ward off evil or danger.


Over  the years, the creative inlays of metals as one of its primary components in jewelry making were considered as  vital factors in the development of jewelry history. The process of metal working and its humble techniques had become more sophisticated as years passed.  To date, its unique decorations were more meticulous than ever before.


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Meanwhile, gold is a rare and is a highly regarded material that is being buried with the deceased with the belief that it would accompany its owner in another mysterious dimension which is otherwise known as afterlife. Most archaeological jewelries have been seen from tombs and even the best known hoards. The long and winding road of jewelry history further revealed that some people tend to fold their jewelries for disposal.

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Medieval Period

In those days, jewelries had represented the hierarchical rank or status of a person in a society. To explain, royal people wore gold, silver and other precious gems. On the other hand, a group of individuals  who were classified as humblers wore base metals like pewter and copper respectively.

As far as stylish gems were concerned, these were polished and not cut in any other way. This was the usual method that had been adopted by a given cultural ideology and its people until the later part of the 14th century.


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Renaissance Period

The overall jewelry history in the manifolds of  Renaissance Period had denoted the quest for splendor. Enamel became the phenomenal covering of most jewelries. Artistically, jewelry cuts were more advanced. Consequently, these have unexpectedly increased the glittering capability of the most precious stones in the world.

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Moreover, religion had been a predominant part of the culture during this ancient period in world history. Paranormally, the Renaissance types of jewelry had significantly described the immeasurable power of our Mother Planet and the complex political  spectrum. The designs were of classical foundations. Additionally, famous figures from Greek mythology were in the same way included in this very revealing mainstream.

Jewelry history has truly evolved in terms of mysticism, politics and global history that has largely contributed a lot to the dynamic changes of modern fashion as elegantly epitomized by VY Domingo Jewllers Incorporated.



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