The Creative and Perplex Art of Jewelry Design

The Creative and Perplex Art of Jewelry Design

VY Domingo Jewllers Incorporated has strongly committed itself to maintain the highest quality standards with respect to our jewelry design approaches and methodologies to remain undisputed in the industry and  become a part of lives for more than three decades of providing lavish jewelry pieces for everyone.




But, how well do we know this unique facet of jewelry making? Perhaps, our beloved readers out there are more than eager to know the different trade  secrets in developing this very interesting field of specialization. So, let us get down to the basics without complicating every concept and other keen details. This is one of  ancient civilization’s earliest forms of ornaments which dates back almost 7,000 years ago.


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The said intriguing art has extended up to oldest known societies in Egypt and the vastness of Mesopotamia.  Many centuries had passed, and it  all started from a plain and simple beadwork and then it beautifully evolved with the amazing integration of metalworking and gem cutting that were all rolled into one incredible fashion statement.

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How a Jewelry Design is Made

Jewelry design involves the distribution of various design concepts and then  this will immediately require some technical drawings that are creatively produced by a competent jewelry designer. Though we are now in a Modern Age, the traditional hand drawing and drafting methods are still used most specifically in the conceptual stage of finely-crafted jewelries.  As far as this area is concerned, a wax metal component is utilized.


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But, a comprehensive CAD model is utilized as the  primary foundation for a so-called CNC cut or the 3D printed wax patter  which will be used in the rubber molding or cast wax procedures.

After the entire processes are  finally over, the intricate jewelry design is being rendered and fabricated by using the right combination of materials for the sake of a proper adaptation to the main function of the object.


Let us cite a clear example. A 24K gold was used in designing jewelries because it was much easier to  find than silver as  a primary source of material. Over the years, the unexpected discovery of beads during  the first century was at hand and it became a famed trendsetter, too.

But,  then again, the onset of gemstones and its amazing gem cutting techniques have dramatically  changed the  world of jewelry design.


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Meanwhile, the earlier version of a jewelry design signified a church’s nobility  to humbly honor a particular event or as a lustrous ornament that can be beautifully  worn anytime you want. Did you know that jewelry making methods such as enameling and repousse  had become the primary standards for creating ornamental wares that were closely associated with power,  position and wealth?





During the 1900’s the different jewelry designs had been objectified. Still, there are no  specific design trends in existence.  On the other hand, man’s ingenuity never faltered. Simply, jewelry design had  perfectly added some sophisticated styles like  Art Nouveau (1900-1918),Art Deco (1919-1929), International Style & organicism (1929-1946), New Look & Pop (1947-1967), Globalization, Materialism, and Minimalism.

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No wonder why  VY  Domingo Jewellers  Incorporated has become a phenomenal name in the jewelry making industry because the company has practically adopted these ancient to  the  state-of the art principles in jewelry design which flawlessly suit your gorgeous personality and a well-planned budget.

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