Cufflinks Form and Functionality in Sweet Harmony

Cufflinks Form and Functionality in Sweet Harmony

Cufflinks were devised to satisfyingly served one purpose. They have to beautifully create unique transformations concerning the personalities of the ones wearing them. Today, they are proudly a part of a humongous collection of this incredible fashion statement in a museum abroad. A brilliant marketing consultant in Brooklyn filled his elegant abode with these versatile accessories. To date, he has over 3,500 pieces which were mostly from the repository of the mid 20th century.


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Descriptively, his awesome cufflinks are ascribed as little canvasses. In making them more memorable, these were arranged according to material, designer, color, nationality and subject matter. During his recent tour, he opened lots of drawers containing his favorite items. Interestingly, each cufflink has an attractive color like blazing reds and teals. Likewise, the blue colored ones have never escaped his wild imagination.

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Moreover, there are other tremendous materials that made these collectibles even more worth buying for avid collectors like him. These are as follows: Pewter, copper, turquoise, lapis lazuli and agate. Similarly, the best suited cufflinks for sports buffs are strikingly represented by tiny windsurfers, shuttlecocks and badminton figures. Also, he is overly fascinated about the oddities of human life. These include those cute helicopters, pencils, abacuses, matchbox and even simple stubs.


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But, his most priceless pairs of cufflinks are made of  gold and amethyst that were intricately designed by the world famed artisan from Greenwich Village. His name is Art Smith.


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Over the years, his impressive collections have grown into a productive business venture. Consequently, he  said.

They’re a great little icebreaker.” They help form connections between strangers. “They hold things together. There’s absolutely a metaphor in there.”

He further added.

“My fantasy is somehow finding the match”.

Remarkably, his admirable passion  for cufflinks collection splendidly manifests the extraordinary examples of modernist  jewelries for both genders alike.  Accordingly, these mesmerizing fashion statements reveal the sudden expansion of the so-called gender realm.

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