Diamond Body Piercing: The Basic Fundamentals

Diamond Body Piercing: The Basic Fundamentals

Would you believe that sparkling and real diamonds can be used for  diamond body piercing fashion needs. Diamonds are categorized as trendy and chic that is why these are  chosen by popular Hollywood celebs to openly express themselves with oozing uniqueness. Among their sensational favorites are diamond barbells and diamond navel accessories. Look at this fascinating image below.

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Although the art of diamond body piercing is just a plain and simple fad in these modern times, the primary characteristics involved in choosing a diamond are seriously taken into consideration.  These are the  following: Cut, clarity, carat and color of diamonds. For a more detailed information, visit  this link. https://www.thechaingang.com/article/cat/jewelry/post/diamond-body-jewelry-3/

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The stylish and engendering diamond body piercing is in the same way governed by some physical characteristics of  diamonds like crystal structure, hardness, toughness and  high refractive index.  A crystal structure is defined as the holistic overview of this gleaming gemstones in reference to the aforementioned characteristics. Why are diamonds dubbed as excellent body piercing gemstones? Uniquely, these magnificent gemstones are indeed SCRATCH-RESISTANT inside and out. Above anything else, their illuminating lustre is really impeccable and spellbinding.

Photo Credit: http://www.tummytoys.com.au/images/x_images/products/807/large_yellow-gold-diamond-belly-ring.jpg

To wrap up,  diamond body piercing is the most  noble exhibition of human artistry because it  provides  any wearer the capability to unravel a beautiful and ostentatious body without having to say a word.


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