Diamonds: Girls’ Best Friend for their Discriminating Touch of Class

Diamonds: Girls’ Best Friend for their Discriminating Touch of Class


The female gender passionately gives in to the yearnings of their hearts by having the most splendid and shimmering diamonds in the world. Needless to say, these precious jewels have been distinctively alluded to as “girls’ best friend”. Based on a comprehensive and analytical article that was published by Psychology Today, these are  considered as the most expensive gift in the field of  the so-called evolutionary biology.


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According to the ancient pages of history, a woman would demand the most pricey gifts on earth before having sex with a man. Essentially, these dowries were especially meant as gauges  for screening dads  from cads. However, some of these love offerings lacked intrinsic values. Somewhere, somehow, diamonds had these very subjective impressions in those early days. Just the same, a diamond was previously characterized as one form of emotional investment in women. 

Likewise, it is a precedent towards the courtship stage although these priceless ornaments do not have the much needed value to qualify the intrinsic intent of this very prolific ornament of all time. On the other hand, did you know that these were then effective as gold digger deterrents to a large extent?



Symbolically, these gemstones are the best descriptions of a steadfast love as well as a lifelong commitment of love and friendship between opposite sex.  In the same way way, diamonds are forever because jewelries with such adornments can be faithfully worn until she breathes her last. After which, these can handed down from one generation to the next. Above anything else, it carries a significant metaphor as a much closer  representation of an invincible kind of love.



Meanwhile, the shimmering brilliance of  diamonds is happily met with the same resonance as that of the sound waves; that meet mysteriously in the air. This is due to their inherent stylus that fosters a close contact with the dual sides of a  record’s groove.


More so,   expensive diamonds exude a contact with one’s ear and a person’s naked eye. Conversely, these gems denote gender and stature differences since their historic discovery and catapulting popularity. To date diamond wearers have these to say in today’s modern times.


“I am taken,” and a large ring says, “I am taken by a rich man that would crush your man, Darwinian-style.”

The timeless beauty and exquisiteness of diamonds denote power, religion and love most especially if these have been artistically crafted into impeccable jewelries. Indeed, these are eternal possessions that travel  beyond time and space without irrational expositions that could unfairly interfere with its inherent wisdom.

Therefore, VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated will  gladly cater to your needs when it comes to your  personalized  diamond jewelries to echo the lasting essence of  love, respect and tenderness that every girl yearns for during her full and happy life’s journey.



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