Why do Diamonds Sparkle in all Radiance?

Why do Diamonds Sparkle in all Radiance?

The enigmatic science of diamonds has interestingly revealed that their sparkling radiance are primarily caused by different light properties and those magnificent cuts which are indeed striking from a distance. Most importantly, an authentic diamond is made up of carbon which provides an absolutely high refractive property than a glass. Its high rate is mainly responsible adds a considerable amount of light which bounces back to  the eyes of a spectator or beholder.

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Furthermore, the process of TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION of diamonds and  their high refractive index are contributory factors in the splendid radiance aspect of the “Most Popular Gemstone in the World”.  In addition, the spellbinding sparkle or radiance is courtesy of fabulous diamond cuts.  This artistic method paves the way for a mesmerizing sparkle just like your own unique and Venus-like persona.


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