Ear Climber: The Remarkable Fashion Innovation

Ear Climber: The Remarkable Fashion Innovation

Have you ever heard about a mysterious kind of jewelry that can amazingly travel up all the way to your ear? Interestingly, this is technically termed as an ear climber. Though many have found it to be as an intriguing piece of jewelry, there are lots of celebrities who have found it as beautiful and elegant. To date, they are flaunting it via a red carpet. There are stunning diamonds  with a drop ear design just like the one worn by an award-winning actress, Emma Stone.


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For Jesse James, it would be too perfect and gorgeous if she has two earring trends during the Grammy Awards. These are the mystifying ear cuffs and and a dainty ear climber. She prefers a single type that will be magnificently layered with cuff earrings of the same color for added beauty and versatility.

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Natalie Dormer became an overnight sensation at the Screen Actors Guild Awards because of her eye catching hair  and marvelous ear climber, that magically swirls up all the way to her ear. If you want to look different, you can try to wear this. All you need to do is find a  hairstyle that fits you and combine it with the most striking pair of such fabulous earrings.


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When you decide to wear an ear climber, you have to be sure that your hair would be parted deep enough and then pushed back to show the bling and glamour of the jewelry without any fashion undertone.


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Also, you can try the angled vine ear climber with white gold diamonds as its design. Feel your beautiful soul and body as they resonate a caressing and fashionable style to excellently fit your  personality for a more revealing YOU. Dare to be  a fashion icon.

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