Easy Does It Tips in Cleaning Silver Jewelries

Easy Does It Tips in Cleaning Silver Jewelries

VY Domingo jewelries such as those sterling silver jewelries are made from high-grade materials for the absolute satisfaction of our millions of customers worldwide. But, it is very much understandable that you ought to know the basic tips on how to clean these kinds of jewelries to ensure their lasting luster through the years.silver-ring

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Tarnishing Issues

It is inevitable that silver jewelries tarnish over a period of time. This is the ability of metals to darken and it forms over metals if  their outermost layers are undergoing chemical reactions. This is caused by the jewelries’air exposure, hand lotion and other foreign agents. Therefore, silver-crafted jewelries must be removed when showering,  washing your hands and even when you do your exercising regimens. In so doing, their lustrous characteristic will definitely lasts longer.



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Removing these silver jewelries before taking a bath will prevent any damage like some pitting on the surface. If this happens, it is already irreparable.


Exceptionally crafted silver jewelries by VY Domingo  Jewelries Incorporated must be carefully cleaned by a polishing cloth. One of the highly recommended ones is the one that is exclusively made by Goddard’s. The best advantage of this cleaning cloth is that it can be used on all jewelries.


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Vinegar can be another excellent option in cleaning your silver jewelries that you have gladly purchased from the internationally famous VY Domingo Jewellers. Here’s the trick. Just warm some white vinegar  and allow your trinkets to sit in.


If you have a steel wool at home, this can be another amazing cleaning agent. However, it cannot get through the nooks and crannies of your silver-plated jewelries from VY Domingo.

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Baking Soda- A silver jewelry can be cleaned by using a little amount of baking soda. Mix it with lemon juice and water. Rub it against these stunning silver jewelries from VY Domingo by using a toothbrush and let them dry.

These incredible and homemade cleaning tips for your silver jewelries from VY Domingo are the most unique ways  to make your eye-catching ornaments even more ravishing as if you have never worn them at all.


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