Emoji Jewelries: Funny and Amazing Trinkets with Human Souls

Emoji Jewelries: Funny and Amazing Trinkets with Human Souls

Human emotions are as deep as the oceans and seas. These are the best mechanisms to let the world know and discover who we are. Emoji jewelries are currently part of a fashionable and electrifying fashion landia despite the absence of shimmering and genuine gemstones. In fact, the very first jewelry company to creatively adopt this figurative design concept is the globally acclaimed Harper’s Bazaar.


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The funny and yet meaningful Emoji  jewelries all started with the stick-on ideas by Anya Hindmarch and this was immediately followed by the creative and yet humble brilliance of Chanel’s AW16 collection. Generally, their product variations very well include the four-leaf clovers, cutest faces of cats and so much more.

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Since the momentous launching of these extraordinary Emoji jewelries, women of the new generation are going crazy about this newest fashion fads. To date, even a New York based designer whose name is Khai Khai is truly captivated and inspired by these latest fashion collectibles that ever hit the fashion scene. As for the other designs, some are actually reincarnations of those lovable emoji faces.


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These uplifting Emoji jewelries are dubbed as the most catchy ways to capture the hearts of jewelry aficionados  who really want to get into the core of a trendsetting fashion statement for both the old and young at heart. Indeed, emotions are powerful media of how to stay beautiful and mesmerizing each day.

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