Most Expensive Jewelries in the World Exposed

Most Expensive Jewelries in the World Exposed

Times are not hard for those people who are more than willing to  spend millions of dollars just to gratify themselves with one of the most expensive jewelries in the world. Have you ever heard the news that the iconic Princess Diana had the most highly appraised ring on her finger that was approximately valued at $38,488?  Currently, this lavish jewelry in UK’s history of the Rich and Famous belongs to the simple and charming Kate Middleton.

Princess-Diana-sapphire-ring1 Next in line with the same shocking characterization is no other than but  Queen Marie of Romania’s Shell Shaped Brooch. This most pricey piece of jewelry is made from a  sophisticated Pecten shell that was commonly used as a splendid crowned monogram for Prince Marie. Thus, it was exclusively crafted by C. Faberge and belongs to  the colorful history of Russian Royalty.


Queen Marie Jose’s Emerald and Diamond Necklace

This was previously owned by the last royalty of Italy. She is no other than but the imeldific Queen Marie Jose. The eye-popping Emerald and Diamond necklace was only one of her numerous and expensive jewelry collections that was ever recorded during the ancient times.

To describe, the necklace is comprised of 50 precious emerald stones and lots of diamonds that perhaps none of us have never seen before.

The Elephant Diamond

One of the most expensive jewelries in the world is the enigmatic Elephant Diamond.  The most cherished Elephant Diamond contains emeralds,  diamonds and those electrifying rock crystals that made this regal jewelry piece more astonishing.

During those years, it was auctioned at the widely recognized Christy’s in London. Remarkably, this was once used as an impressive ornament for the Maharaja’s favorite elephant. Take a look at the picture below.


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