FashionableTips on Pairing Different Types of Gold

FashionableTips on Pairing Different Types of Gold

Fashionable trends need to have a perfect pairing to be in the groove all these years. Generally, pairing different kinds of gold is one of the tenets concerning the hallmarks of being a certified fashionista. Let this humble blog of ours, share you a brief guide on how to do it. First, you should be aware of the different terminologies such as karats and colors prior to your purchase of gold jewelries.


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Then, ask yourself about your favorite types of gold. However, if you are not familiar with them these can be any of the following:  Yellow, rose, red, pink, gray, green, blue, and purple gold.  The karats of jewelry indicate the gold’s state of purity.


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The finer types of gold range from 22k and 91.6k respectively. On the contrary, there are much lesser types gold such as  18k, 14k, 12k and 10k. Price wise, these are more affordable and extremely resistant to wear and tear.


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Meanwhile, the purest form of gold is 24k. But, this is rarely used due to its fragility and softness. Despite of this, most consumers still desire for them because of their high quality no more, no less.

The Perfect Combination 

In summary, the easy to follow principles that govern pairing different kinds of gold begins with this one. Try to combine or mix up the following: Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Look at the image below.

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Previously, we had talked about jewelry stacking. Do this with your different kinds gold bracelets paving the way for a more gyrating mixed metals effect. Also, different types of rings can be stacked.


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Why Pairing Different Kinds of Gold is Essential? 

Remarkably, pairing different kinds of gold adds versatility to your person while you are ultimately enjoying with your fashion experiment. Similarly, mixing up different gold jewelries spice up your physical assets everyday.


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Pairing different kinds of gold denotes a fashion trend that does not go overboard to transform fashion styles without limits.

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