Fine Jewelries Made Even More Beautiful with Industrial Materials

Fine Jewelries Made Even More Beautiful with Industrial Materials

Fine jewelries and human creativity cannot exist without the other. The colorful mutual partnership between them have made the latter to be widely recognized with new forms and designs to make them more appealing. Recently, there’s a brilliant jewelry designer who can dramatically turn his ornaments into something different and unique by utilizing industrial materials.



Jacques-Elie Ribeyron, is not a conventional designer of fine jewelries because he works on anything that comes to his mind like a thunderbolt. His  aesthetic materials usually emanate from minimalist ideas and hardware stores. For him, jewelry making is



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Like product design — I enjoy the process of designing something,”  “The tools are the same, but it’s just the objects that are different.”

Currently, his  splendid fine jewelries are exclusively crafted from the so-called deconstructed and those objects that people use everyday. His best-selling earrings are exceptionally made from high-grade leather materials. Would you believe that plumbing clamps are incredibly transformed into  18k-gold and rhodium screw bracelets?


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Descriptively, his world-renowned works for the glaring fashion world are purposely intended for both men and women alike. For him, diversity in all his world-class creations of fine jewelries are more important than anything else. He said that polyurethane materials exude excellence in jewelry making because of its unusual capability to create fluid shapes.


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But, Ribeyron says that his fantastic and rare fine jewelries are not suited for everyone to wear at this point in time.

In the not so distant future, he plans to establish an e-commerce store so that he can proudly introduce other jewelry styles and other interesting product lines.

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Truly, fine jewelries and their materials need not be expensive at all. These only require a jewelry designer’s passion to make things happen against all odds.

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