Glazed Butterfly Jewelries: Human Creativity Beyond Imagination

Glazed Butterfly Jewelries: Human Creativity Beyond Imagination

Fashion jewelries are gearing up to steal the limelight with immeasurable artistry and significance with its many facets of beauty and charm that have never seen before by jewelry designers and enthusiasts alike.  The glazed butterfly jewelries will remarkably exude your unique kind of creativity like no other in order to unfold the most mesmerizing jewelry line of that could possibly begin a new career in an online entrepreneurship.  Here’s a sample figure of the jewelry.


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How should you begin with your newest discovery in jewelry making? Initially, you must think of extraordinary designs to transform these glazed butterfly jewelries into wonderlands of graciousness and wisdom. Likewise, it only takes a weekend to complete the project. For the complete guide,  read on.


Begin with a prepared butterfly template using a card stock. Cut the exact number of butterflies that you need for this captivating fashion experiment of yours. Then, stack all the butterflies. Apply generously a thin coat of the said colorful glaze between each. Use a soft-bristled brush.



You should paint one side of the butterfly with a black marker. Run it smoothly along the edges of your much awaited masterpiece. When we speak of creating impressive outlines do these with the edges of the black paint with glaze.


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Speaking of the glazes, these will serve the purpose of filling the outline. Try to  add more glaze at the center.  Just in case bubbles appear, pop them out by using a pin. Dry the glaze overnight.


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Meanwhile, the reverse part of your glazed butterfly jewelries must have a red-colored paint.  Next, use a black marker in making a vertical jagged line to shape the wings within the paper edges.

This DIY hobby will definitely test the steadiness of your dexterity as you go along the other steps that will finally help you accomplish your mission. As for the other steps, just simply visit this link.

But, if you want to make things a lot easier watch this short but interesting tutorial video.

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