Gold-Filled Jewelries: The Glittering Facts

Gold-Filled Jewelries: The Glittering Facts

Gold-filled jewelries are lavishly comprised of solid gold materials  that must have an approximate percentage of an item’s total weight. On the other hand, if these are less than the standard weight it is categorically classified as gold plated.  As far as their physical appearance is concerned, the high quality ones have the same attributes like a 14k gold. Your gold accessories can last even  more than five years, depending on how you take good care of them.


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Thickness wise, gold-filled jewelries are almost five times thicker as compared to those trinkets with regular gold platings. Commonly, these are composed of two to three layers. Meanwhile, their core layers are known as the jeweller’s brass. Similarly, these have their corresponding numerics that we should all be familiar with to be  well-rounded in buying these items. For instance, a 14k gold has a symbol of “/” symbol, and then 20 to reflect this construction.



It is a known scientific fact that these jewelries could not be casted. This means to indicate that a craftsman should melt the metal components of your gold-filled jewelries. After which, the alloy will fill in the layers for an astonishing beauty. The question if whether or not these will tarnish in due time, the answer is this.

Unfortunately, they will. However, this is only selective. A jewelry’s  prolonged exposure to sulfide undoubtedly blackens it. To clean them, a soapy water will take charge of it. But, we must always remember that these are totally different from a solid gold material.



Did you know that gold-filled jewelries are mostly manufactured in  USA? Best of, these are extremely affordable. After all, fashion is not about the price tag itself. Sentimental value matters most. Indulge and be someone who speaks about beauty without any fear.

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