Green Gemstones: Why are they so Popular?

Green Gemstones: Why are they so Popular?

Green gemstones are too popular due to their beyond compare durability and significance. These are categorically classified based on their variety and not by gem color. Aside from emeralds, there  are other known green-colored gemstones that have their own unique characterizations. Let this interesting blog introduce  them to you according to their aesthetic value, origin and purpose.

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An actinolite member of green gemstones  belong to the pyroxene group and it is known as a misnomer of  cat’s eye jade. Moreover, an  agate is extremely oozing in versatility because this is readily available in different colors and cuts. Most of these are found in South Africa.

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Additionally, an Alexandrite is one of the rarest kinds of gemstone. One of the most splendid green gemstones. It  possesses a chromium-rich color which makes it possible to be mistaken as chrysoberyl. Among its finest qualities are the following: Excellent hardness and durability among others.  Therefore, it is highly recommended as an ideal setting for any kind of jewelry. Moreover, an Alexandrite is widely used as a side-stone accent.

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Next in line in the glamorous lineup of green gemstones is an Amazonite. Etymologically,  this was named after the historic Amazon River. This has a jade-like color appearance and it is endowed with an uneven color distribution. It looks bewitching with a white gold and silver setting. 

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These green gemstones are aggrandizing in many ways. Consequently, these  will beautifully create in you a killer fashion statement every time you wear each one of them for any occasion.


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