Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings: What Should You Wear with Oozing Sophistication?

Heart-Shaped Engagement Rings: What Should You Wear with Oozing Sophistication?

Fate and destiny have their sweetest ways to lead us in finding our special someone. These perfectly bind everything in its proper perspectives. Consequently, endless love and the road to forever begin as these  become more evident with those glamorous heart-shaped engagement rings. Romantic marriage proposals are more meaningful if you are going to give your significant other, the lasting symbol of your unconditional love and faithfulness without thinking twice.


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Heart-shaped engagement rings are indeed  charming and expressive. These symbolize love  and passion for your one and only true  love. As far as its intricate craftsmanship is concerned, these are actually pear-shaped diamonds with clefts on its uppermost portions. For its eternal beauty, these revealing jewelries dearly possess modified brilliant cuts and have 59 facets in its entirety.


According to jewelry experts, heart-shaped engagements rings with excellent facet and symmetry have  high degrees of the so-called  fire brilliance. In effect, their sparkling  effects are truly spellbinding. If you are  going to buy a perfect heart-shaped ring of engagement be sure that  the two halves are identical to one another.  To explain, both of  their lobes should  have the same  dimensions. The ultimate key here to get value for your money by  carefully examining this aspect of a diamond engagement ring.


However, if the carat of your chosen diamond engagement ring is less than 0.5 carats its beauty will not be strongly justified. Ideally, its overall carat must be more than the above mentioned specification.

Heart-engagement  rings come up in  different  designs. These are as  follows: Double-heart, three stone and no surrounding diamonds.


Your heart-shaped engagement rings must  complement with their respective prong settings. Read this very carefully.  In 3 prongs, the V-shaped prong holds the pointed end while the other two prongs hold the two lobes. Depending on the size of stone, 3, 4 or 5 prongs can be used.


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Heart -shaped engagement rings are not merely signs of how much you have  These elegant jewelry pieces denote the kind of charm and magic that love could possibly bring until you have tearfully realized how lucky you are to have her till your last breath.

VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated offers you the best designs for your heart -shaped engagement rings which are magnificently crafted by our highly-skilled  artisans who constantly make sure that every piece of jewelry you buy personifies perfection and excellence through the years.

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