How Do You Detect Jewelries with Lead? Watch Out for these Shocking Signs

How Do You Detect Jewelries with Lead? Watch Out for these Shocking Signs

Jewelries are well-endowed with unimaginable kind of artistic craftsmanship which make them distinct and splendid. As such, most fashion icons have freely indulged themselves in wearing these fabulous accessories which would beautifully  transform their uniqueness into a different hype. But, what if their jewelries with lead have suddenly become part of their intriguing collections? Although cheap trinkets are wisest choices, these items are classified as toxic and these contain poisonous lead  that might trigger these alarming health concerns: Coma, mental retardation and worst of it all death.

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Furthermore, jewelries with lead are  comprised of old and stocked non-genuine rings or bracelets.  These are usually dubbed as pewter jewelries. Classic examples of these are your  sparkling crystal beads. Did you know that these accessories are secretly made of lead oxide? Likewise, crystals  are believed to contain at least 30% of life-threatening lead.  For your children,  it is  highly suggested that sterling silver or gold jewelries are  ideal buys that you must not forget if you want to make them like a little beauty queen.

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Jewelries with lead can be easily detected if  you have a home test kit from your reputable jeweller. Aside from lead, any fancy jewelry has been deliberately sprayed with brominated flame retardants. Consequently, a direct contact with  this chemical could gravely cause a hormonal imbalance due to its disrupter component. Photo Credit:

Among  the other adverse effects of jewelries with lead are: Short attention span, joint pains, irritability, behavioral problems in kids and hypertension in adults.  To address this  global issue on health and  wellness, there are strict guidelines which have been implemented particularly in California to ensure the safety of consumers at all times while keeping  up with the latest trends in fashion.

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