How to Choose a Diamond for Your Special Someone

How to Choose a Diamond for Your Special Someone

Valentine’s Day is only just a month away before it finally inches its way to lovingly remind lovers out there, that a special and wonderful feeling of being wanted the way they are is something that money can’t buy. Along this line, we at VY Domingo Jewellers wants to share to you an interesting blog on how to choose a diamond for your someone special that are mainly based on some specific characteristics or generalities to help you find the best kind  that will make both of you possess unique personalities that will beautifully transform yourselves into a more distinctive type of individual.



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Simple Step-by Step Guidelines on How to Choose a Diamond for Your True Love

Prior to our provision of the much needed guidelines on how to choose a diamond, here are some of the easiest steps to follow in doing so  to remarkably create a kind of sophistication that nobody could ever replicate as you flaunt your precious jewelry piece during your most memorable Valentine’s date this year.

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  • Identify the diamond shape that is passionately desired by your partner if you are not too familiar with those various gemological attributes like diamond cuts and all other related product considerations.

Do not forget to set your own criteria on how to perfectly choose a diamond. To explain, set your ideal carat weight that is based on the preference of a particular recipient.  But, of course both of  you can agree on a compromise if your allocated budget will not be enough.

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  • bubble-design-diamond-right-hand-ring-band-14k-yellow-gold-1-30Begin  your search with the highest quality of diamonds. Go  back to the first two hints. Then, make concessions by pondering about these other factors before you will finally choose the most stunning diamond ring for a lifetime

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  1. Lower the clarity level. It is best to select a VS2 type
  2. Do the same thing with the color aspect of your chosen diamond studded jewelry. H2 is more preferred by budget conscious consumers
  3. As much as possible, try to lower your cut standards as well. Based on the studies of gemologists, it is highly recommended  to go for rounded cut diamonds from your reputable jeweller like VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated from the Philippines
  • Now, if these criteria still do not complement your savings for a diamond ring try to adopt these added reminders to help you make up your mind. These are the following:
  1. Minimize your clarity standards once more. Perhaps, it could be as lower as SI1
  2. J will be the most appropriate color if your chosen diamond setting would be a yellow gold toned diamond ring
  3. Again, cut reduction should be fit in the Good classification. This is best applicable to rounded-shaped diamonds and Fair for fancy ones


Ultimately, you should prioritize the factor of quality rather than the size of your diamond ring.  Consider the florescence of  a particular diamond that caught your sophisticated taste.

Simply, this refers to the impact of UV rays to  the diamond itself.  Accordingly, it must be able to provide your diamond a white-colored appearance. Therefore, you must prefer those diamonds with an H classification.

Choose a diamond  jewelry from VY Domingo Jewellers Incorporated that is truly affordable and will  thrillingly reveal your deepest feelings for your special someone no matter what happens beyond the test of time.


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