How to Make Nail Polish Jewelries

How to Make Nail Polish Jewelries

It’s my first time to hear about nail polish jewelries. Of course, there’s no doubt that these are literally less-expensive and so easy to do. With a small bottle of nail polish, you can artistically create splendid rings, bracelets, keychains and necklaces. These jewelries are created by painting the flat side of cabochon stones. Be sure to use a clear top coat and the different colors of nail polish. Then, you have to paint it with a black crackle polish to give your chosen stones a gleaming finish just like a mirror. Here are the following materials that you should prepare.

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Nail polish jewelries should be made of real cabochon stones, crackle nail polish, clear lacquer nail polish, jewelry findings or the actual jewelry structure where you will place your by product. Also, you need some glue gun with high temperature or super glue to make this more stunning like this one.

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The procedures in making nail polish jewelries begin with the wrapping of a tape around your fingers so that it it will be sticky on all sides Put it on a clear workspace so these materials will be prepared for painting. Then, put a clear cabochon onto the tapes that you have made.  Make sure that the flat side is facing upwards. Afterwards, coat the cabochon stone with an even thin coat. of a clear nail polish. Dry it for 10 minutes. But, if you are going to use a clear nail polish use this for its coating.

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The succeeding steps to finish your nail polish jewelries  can be referred to by clicking this link.

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