How to Make the Finest Jewelry Roll

How to Make the Finest Jewelry Roll

Costume or fashion jewelries are available in different varieties like a finest jewelry roll. Frankly, i have never seen or heard about this endearing epitome of beauty. But, allow us to share with you how this magnificent work of art is crafted in perfection. This fabulous item is actually an improvised jewelry box, which is  ideal for travel purposes. For this particular project, you will need the following materials:

  • Fabric placemat
  • A clean fabric for the pocket
  • Ribbons of different colors and sizes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Strip of Velco


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Look for a fabric with nice surged edges for your finest jewelry roll.  Think about an ideal size that can keep and secure all your favorite accessories in one dainty jewelry organizer. The second step that you must do is to measure and cut a wide piece of ribbon to carefully cover the edges of  your chosen fabric. Cut several pieces of thin ribbons  to hold your  necklaces securely. Fold the pieces of the colorful fabric into half and glue them  to  the underside of a wide ribbon. Glue the wide ribbon with the thin ribbons attached to your base fabric of the jewelry roll.

Use the same wide ribbon for your finest jewelry roll and  cut it the same as the width of the fabric. Put a strip of glue at the center of a fabric or break down the ribbons in thirds to secure your priceless jewelries. Utilize thin ribbons in attaching your dangling earrings. Click on this link for more detailed information.

The finest jewelry roll is an amazing byproduct of  creativity, that demonstrates the importance of human ingenuity beyond measure.

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