Illumination Necklace: The Glowing Elegance of Modern Technology

Illumination Necklace: The Glowing Elegance of Modern Technology

Modern technology continues to inspire the exciting world of fashion through the years. The spellbinding mystery of an elegant illumination necklace which is  scientifically known as Neclumi is characterized as an ethereal and interactive piece of jewelry which has been devised by PanGenerator is uniquely comprised of a projected  light which is angled towards the nape of a wearer’s neck.



Many of our readers would be more than glad to know how this illumination necklace works to optimize its very purpose for  the benefit of those people who earnestly desire an innovative and versatile trinket without compromising its fashion sense. To make this work, you have to conceal a pico projector inside your wardrobe.



The next step that you need to do is  this. Connect the  small light projector through an HDMi cable to your smartphone. After which, simply launch the Neclumi app that amazingly instructs the projector on what to do. When all of these processes are successfully accomplished, you should carefully use the app as a remote control and explore the four geometric patterns of light.

Likewise, if you use the incredible features of your smartphone such as the accelerometer, microphone and a compass these will respond accordingly to your body  movements no matter how freaky they are. To explain, the glittering illumination necklace moves as well when you do.

The Aero mode for instance emits horizontal thin wisps of light that speed up or slow down according to your walking pace. Hence, the Sono mode explodes those firework-like fractals based on the tone of your voice.

Indeed, this illumination necklace not just a piece of jewelry.

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