Interesting Trivias and Terminologies about Jewelries

Interesting Trivias and Terminologies about Jewelries

Interesting trivias and terminologies about jewelries have helped as a lot to better understand our own unique ways of being beautiful and elegant as we always want to be inside and out. Here are are some of these mind boggling words that will guide us to wear our chosen adornments accordingly.

Model walks runway wearing jewelry from the Tsion Rocks Fall 2015 collection by Yvette Crocker, during the Accessories Premier Fall Winter 2015 fashion show for  Fashion Gallery New York Fashion Week Fall 2015.


If you want to accessorize, this means that a given wearer must choose properly to uniquely reflect or convey his or her style. This manner tends to put emphasis about a distinct place of which you want to become an X-factor of your one-of-a-kind personality. However, it must not be too close with another distinct feature of  your overall appearance.


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Adorn and adornment are two different  trivias and terminologies about jewelries but they both have the same purposes. One of them is to add flair to your being and to attractively change the way you look. Thus, they provide an excellent and invigorating feel to your kind of clothing. But, you need to get an ideal and perfect adornment that suits you best.



Bangles and Bracelets- Bangles and bracelets are not one and the same. To differentiate, bracelets are too soft and they abound in flexibility. Characteristically, these have intertwined links as their distinctive designs. On the other hand, bangles are hard and commonly circular in shape and  they do not get deformed even if you do not wear them for years.

Wedding jewelry 14K gold filled charms lady FASHION bracelet 7inch 19.7g 1-500x500


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Cocktail rings are fun and flirty to have as  you can wear lots of them if you really want to make a bold statement out or real persona.

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Trivias and terminologies about jewelries very well include the process of curating. It primarily involves the intricate styling of jewelries with intentions. Did you know that you can be good curator yourself. Here’s how, you only need to  buy those jewelries that will suit your lifestyle, age and fashion sense.


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Indeed, these worth knowing trivias and terminologies can dramatically transform you into a versatile jeweler who deeply knows what and how to make these impeccable aesthetics more adorable as you are all year round.

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