Jade Gemstones: The Humble Beginning

Jade Gemstones: The Humble Beginning

Jade gemstones were originally found and discovered in Guatemala. These dashing gemstones have been revered by ancient people particularly in MesoAmerica. Natural jades have distinctive forms: These are the jadeite and nephrite respectively. The first one is considered as the most valuable ones due to their rarity. Of course, their color factor and the stones’ translucence are standouts as well. The primary characterization of being  vivid green had made a shimmering jadeite to become as a  priceless resource in Asia and China to name a few.


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Meanwhile, there are other magnificent colors of jade gemstones such as lavender, orange, yellow and black. Due to its beyond compare beauty and elegance, a jadeite was sacredly revered in these territories. pre-Columbian Mayas, Aztecs and Olmecs of Mesoamerica for over 3,000 years. In those times, these gemstones were beautifully made into sophisticated and luxurious jewelries and other artifacts. These include figurines and those essential utensils which have been categorically classified as the legacies of  Pre-Columbian civilizations.

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According to ancient beliefs, jade gemstones signify power and creativity. Ancient people have buried some of precious jades  and these were offered to the chosen members of a given tribe with the highest stature. These were especially reserved for the exclusive composition of the so-called royalty.

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During the Spanish colonization, these brilliant gemstones had taken a back seat for quite some time. These were regarded as with no value by the incumbent regime in those days. For almost 500 years, the vast mining areas in Guatemala were suddenly abandoned. But, after several centuries had passed a jadeite came from Burma which is now known as Myanmar.

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When a devastating storm hit Guatemala in 1998, huge deposits of jadeite were exposed out in the open. Therefore, a fact finding expedition was put into action and courageous explorers were able to find an interesting piece of information in the higher parts of Guatemala’s  resplendent elevations.


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A Guatemalan jadeite does not require various treatment techniques for further enhancements to flaunt its inherent beauty and splendor in terms of its appearance and overall persona.


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To wrap up, the dazzling spectacle of jade gemstones is the resonating agent of their immeasurable popularity then and now.

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