Japan and their Splendid Jewelries

Japan and their Splendid Jewelries

Japan and their splendid jewelries have their own uniqueness and styles which have not adopted the Western style of craftsmanship. It is due to the fact that those types of fashion ingenuities are not in harmony with their rich and engendering culture and traditions. However, the year 1868 gave a new meaning and twist to the mainstream fashion of Japan. The Western civilization conquered the conservative world of fashion in the Land of the Rising Sun. One of  the earliest jewellers of Japan who courageously introduced the newest jewelry line with a Western touch were Mikimoto Kokichi and K. Uyeda jewellers.

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Those splendid jewelries were not just categorically classified as ornamentals in its strictest sense. Best examples of these  are sword fittings, bracelets, straps, pins and  hairclips. Meanwhile, the artistry behind these noble creations have  become part of their cultural diversity for thousands of years. The Japanese were fascinated by colorful gemstones like agate and ivory. These timeless stones are exquisitely used for wood  carvings and other jewelry designs. Likewise, genuine gemstones are utilized in decorating those eye-catching swords and other jewelries.

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The button-making industry of Japan paved way  for the creation of her splendid jewelries in terms of its concepts and endearing class or styles. From there, the gold and bronze combinations  have emanated as one of the most ravishing blends of jewelry making since time immemorial.  Over the years, both gold and bronze inlays are considered as the top of  design frameworks for such  remarkable works of art.

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Despite of all the challenges, the splendid jewelries continue to thrive to exhibit an impeccable fashion sense that will leave a lasting impression of  beauty and elegance that need no compromises.

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