Jewelries and the Game of Thrones Fever

Jewelries and the Game of Thrones Fever

The Game of Thrones fever seems to be unstoppable when it powerfully conquered the world of fashion by storm. Jewelries were removed in order to conceal something mysterious. For instance, a choker did wonders when everyone was taken by surprise because of its extraordinary design that was permanently established when a certain character was initially introduced.  Accordingly, a renowned jewelry designer has this to say.



“I wanted something that was so quickly identifiable with her because she’s out of place,” “I wanted her to be really strong, so we came up with that heptagonal piece. When we first designed it, it was supposed to glimmer and flash. It became too much of an issue to do that.”



Since this was the first time that jewelries were used as a plot, expensive and real-like costumes are closely linked to a character and these fantasy-related trinkets chronicle about the unique story and personifications of each character. Specifically, poisoned necklaces had taken the precious lives of  Cersels beloved offsprings.  Thus, these incredible and sophisticated ornaments tend to push  its beautiful plot, to the delight of excited moviegoers”


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Human emotions are clearly manifested in  those different types of jewelries.  An insecure  character tends to wear chunky gold ornaments to strongly show her social status and identity. More so, the striking manner of accessorizing is not limited to female characters. To explain, there was a particular scene wherein the King was modified periodically. But, his necklace is ostentatiously designed to signify those hands that are linked together to show a guiding way so to speak.



Remarkably, these charming jewelries from the Game of Thrones have summed up the whole character of a person without any imperfections that could disrupt the magnificent chemistry between fashion and the thrills/ adventures of a much anticipated series across the globe.

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