Jewelry Collection: The Exquisiteness of a Beholden Beauty

Jewelry Collection: The Exquisiteness of a Beholden Beauty

Jewelry collection is one of my most gratifying fulfillments. There is so much more to learn about this psychologically-related behavior that might sound irrational or absurd. Come to think of it, I love to collect them because these  give me some kind of a relief whenever yours truly is stressed or burnout. One of my finest collections are attractive  rings. Their stylish designs give me hypes that are truly inexpressible. Tri-colored, name- inspired rings can be ascribed as my ultimate favorites. Identity wise, these trinkets have beautifully expressed who I am in many  diverse ways.

name rings


tricolor ringPhoto

Meanwhile, my tricolored rings which comprised my fashionable jewelry collection signifies my tribulations and victories in my long and winding journeys in this thing called LIFE. Needless to say,  these simple to sophisticated and fashionable jewelries exude an exhilarating creativity that can only be understood by its astonishing craftsman and a discriminating wearer like me. Apart from these, once in my vivid and colorful lifetime I was blessed with a smiley ring that I wholeheartedly gave to my one and only best friend in Canada.

smiley ring


It was purposely designed as such,  because we both LAUGH OUT LOUD whenever we happily reminisce what we had been through in our almost two decades of love  and friendship. But, its lasting   significance passionately means that I have to wear a smile though I am not feeling that way deep down inside of me. From this, conquering every unbearable pain became my motivating factor to stay strong in dealing with every storm that seems to put to test my unwavering faith in God.



A bewildering jewelry collection in the not so distant future from VY Domingo Jewellers will never  escape my wildest imagination, because it mesmerizingly exhibits my innate uniqueness within the depths of my pure and noble soul.

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