Lapiz Gemstone: A Luxurious Treasure with an Ancient History

Lapiz Gemstone: A Luxurious Treasure with an Ancient History

History had mysteriously revealed itself with an ancient and blue-colored stone, that has been head over heels adored by Cleopatra for so many years. A shimmering Lapiz gemstone got its enigmatic and unique name to strongly denote a stone. As far its revering antiquity is concerned, it has been given the most priceless distinction as the most valuable gemstone of all. During the early days, this was commonly found in Neolithic graves and highlighted the golden death mask of the powerful King  Tut.


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Due to its inexplicable beauty and charm, the gyrating Lapiz gemstone is unselfishly loved by  these famous in the jewelry industry such as Aurélie Bidermann, Fernando Jorge, Pamela Love and Brooke Garber Neidich. Ultimately, one of its noble and subtle characteristics is  no other than but the deep blue color that splendidly oozes with rare gold flecks which makes this incredible stone a phenomenal gem of the century.


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Commonly, a capricious lapiz gemstone is enchantingly embraced with a gold offsetting with a radiating luminosity that will reflect the overall significance of beauty, character and artistry that are lovingly crafted into one statement piece.


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Meanwhile, the summer resemblance of a lapiz gemstone is meaningfully ensembled by chunky rings and those intricately sculpted pendants, thin bangles and sophisticated earrings that accentuate the importance of your Hermes watches. Remarkably, these astonishing pieces had suddenly popped up the neutral-toned minimalist tops to avoid being overshadowed by the colored  pattern blocked dress.


Accordingly, the soulful persona of this gemstone was once regarded as a holy object. This influential cultural belief is further explained by Ms Raiden by sayingwm6587-antique-mens-jewelry-blue-lapis-lazuli-14k-gold


Traditionally, lapiz was not just a precious object but a holy one. “Just as the ancient Egyptians worshiped the sun,” “the ancient Sumerians worshiped the night sky,”4bfa2a9a550d40cfeccdd3021139dd53


To  wrap up this engrossing article, even Cleopatra did not escape the hidden mystery of a lapiz gemstone solely because it is closely associated by a hypnotizing seductiveness just like her.

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