Lucky Gemstones: Life Changing Mystical Charms You Must Possess

Lucky Gemstones: Life Changing Mystical Charms You Must Possess

The cultural mainstream of people across the globe  is somehow dominated by lucky gemstones. These different charms of good luck are believed to possess  a powerful and invisible energy that provides a metaphysical  advantage and healing properties as well. Every gemstone has a particular characteristic  that makes it extremely different in terms of benefits and usage although these amazing mystical charms belong to the same category.

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Gemstone experts and advocates have unanimously believed that as we head towards making our lives to change for the better, the same thing happens to our innate vibrations that make it possible for these lucky gemstones to manifest their wisdom and power on the same person in varying circumstances.

For some  reason, there are some types of lucky stones that strongly enhance their good luck giving attributes when mixed  with other stones. A classic  example of this is an  amethyst with aquamarine.

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How Should You Know if  a Lucky Gemstone Suits You?

One of the easiest ways to know if those lucky gemstones can really bring a positive outcome into your life is to gently hold them in your hand; and if you feel good or even better than ever before then, these stones perfectly suit your personality and overall well-being. Below, is sample chart of these fascinating charms for abundance and a good life, Try to study them according to your needs and other related factors to help you achieve your goals and fondest dreams.

Good Luck

Lucky Stone

Good Luck

Lucky Stone

Need lucky protection Agate Need luck in getting rid of worries Aquamarine
Need luck in business Malachite
Need luck in your career Garnet
Need luck in gambling Aventurine
Need luck in getting physical energy – especially athletes Carnelian
Smokey Quartz
Need luck with endurance
Athletes can use this too
Smokey Quartz Need luck in making your dreams come true Amazonite
Would you like to have peace of mind? Now that is lucky. If you are a writer, look at this one. Sodalite Need luck in your marriage
This is the love stone.
Rose Quartz
Need luck in understanding other people Cat’s Eye
Need luck in bringing in more money in your business Citrine
Need luck in keeping your lover faithful Emerald Need luck in getting though the day Crystal
Increase your psychic powers to be lucky in every way Amethyst Need a better relationship, this is your luck Hematite
Have no fear of the night with this luck Red Jasper Need to have all the luck you can Tourmalated quartz
Need double luck in any situation Tourmaline Especially lucky for actors – carry


The Five Powerful  Gemstones

Lucky gemstones are  being attributed  to as prosperity  enhancers  because these things possess  mysterious appeals in  attracting  good health,  a happy and  lasting romance, overall  protection and the likes. Also, each of  them  has a  corresponding  color , magnificence and other other properties to  help  you  attain   their enormous  benefits.  Moreover, these stones have  healing properties depending  on  the  kind of  sicknesses that you have. jasper

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In global  history, there are  5 powerful and lucky  gemstones  which  have been   proven to possess  natural powers  that even scientists cannot  explain. Here  are some of its few  examples .

  • Agate- Symbolizes free   expression, creativity and  good   fortune. This  stone  provides a good source of  yin yang  energies in  Chinese  Feng Shui. As  a healing  stone, it  presumably cleanses  your pancreas, whitens and it stimulates the blood  vessels. It  is dubbed as the  destroyer of all obstacles in life.
  • Jasper-One of  the good luck  charms that  has different  colors  ranging  from pink, red , green and  yellow among  others. It is   an ideal semi -precious stone of people who are under the sign of  Virgo. If   you are suffering  from  sleep disorders then this the  stone that can help you  alleviate insomnia for  a lifetime
  • Tiger’s Eye-It is a semi-precious  stone that is closely associated with self-confidence and  bravery. Sometimes, this is also  referred to as the Cat’s Eye. During the ancient  times,, soldiers  wore this miraculous  stone for protection  purpose when they needed it most

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  • Beryl- Stimulates the brain and maximizes  a person’s security.  Additionally, it can cure a  wide variety of illnesses such as hiccups, colon cancers and even swollen glands.
  • Green Malachite- This is being used to improve your harmony when it comes to your personal life. For children, this is an effective amulet against the evil forces, Most importantly, it alerts its owner of impending dangers

These lucky gemstones could  have different  effects  with respect to  our being.  Just the same, all it takes is your strong and unconditional faith in God to make all things possible.

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