Marcasite Jewelry: Is it the Real Thing?

Marcasite Jewelry: Is it the Real Thing?

A charismatic marcasite jewelry was introduced to the glittering world of glamorous fashion  to be the  best alternative for real diamonds. The antique kind was frequently referred to as a mineral pyrite that has been  gloriously embedded with silver. Historically, this has been around for centuries. More so, a marcasite has made the Romans even more popular when it comes to fashion. In the same way, the Victorian Period followed suit.


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For quite sometime, a mecasite was never used to be elegantly transformed into a marcasite jewelry due to its beyond compare brittleness. During the 20th century, the 1950’s and 1960’s circa to be exact  the notable piece of jewelry was beautifully encased in pure silver.



Generally, its incomparable craftsmanship includes fueling it by heat. Over, the years, a marcasite gemstone was glued or pasted on the prescribed setting that a customer wants. A glorious  marcasite jewelry had become the eternal favorites of Ancient Greeks. During a royal burial, Prince Albert’s entourage was requested to wear it as a sign of mourning.  Up to this day, a marcasite signifies nobility without reservations.



Meanwhile, its unique name is derived from the Arabic name for pyrite. During the Middle Ages, this gemstone is scientifically used as a medicine alongside with a pyrite. To describe, a genuine marcasite jewelry, must have a pale bronze yellow or brass color, with dark gray-green streaks. How durable is it?  Unfortunately, it is not extremely durable. It easily oxidizes when frequently exposed to air.



Location wise, the gemstone is commonly found in Dover and Derbyshire, England, Carlsbad and Rammelsberg, Germany, as well as various locations in the Czech Republic, Russia, China,France, Romania, Peru and Mexico. Remarkably, marcasites are mined in n Hardin County, Illinois, Grant County, Wisconsin, and Joplin, Missouri. Benefit wise, it has been effectively proven to ward off negative energies.

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